November 30, 2006

BATGIRL & BATMAN American Library PSA Posters

You know when you visit the library & you see those PSA posters of someone famous reading a book with the message "OPEN YOUR MIND, READ A BOOK TODAY". It's usually a sports star like Tiger Woods or a musician like Sting or Bono. Well, the company that makes them made two of 'em with DC Comics characters we all love...Batman & Batgirl ( Barbara Gordon ). The really weird thing is the company is based in Canada. Also, ya know how the Air Force pays $500 for a hammer because it's a government thing? Well, the same is almost true about these posters. OK, they are not $500 but they are really pricey! I was gonna buy one of these but I just can't justify $18.50 for a poster. That's a shame because I really like the graphic art & love the message about READING IS FUN. You can check them out, plus others, at

HELLO KITTY BATMAN The Dark Knight is Now Cute!

Here's a very cool graphic sent to me by a friend at MySpace. He's an awesome graphic artist & he really made this...WOW! He seriously has alot of talent! This is The Dark Knight if he were a HELLO KITTY character! I love the shading & 3-D effect this picture has, it looks very "real". Looks like some kind of robot-toy too...awesome! Anyways, I thought this pic would be kinda funny to post. Plus, for those of you who appreciate good art or design, y'all will really love it! Yes, it is so cute, yes it is....who's the cute Hello Kitty, you are, yes you are!

November 29, 2006


Remember, every Wednesday is Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday here at the olde BAT-BLOG! Today here's 2 really cool Batman Wallpapers from the BRAND-NEW video game ( X-Box, PC, & Playstation 2 PS2 ) titled JUSTICE LEAGUE HEROES! I can't wait to play this game & BE THE DARK KNIGHT! I've only heard really super-great things about it & wanna play! ( Click the above pictures for larger photos ). If you want other FREE Batman Desktop Wallpaper Backgrounds then be sure to CHECK OUT THE BAT-BLOG WALLPAPER PAGE. There are alot of image designs ( Batman Logo, Batgirl, Joker, Bat-Symbol Signal, Batmobile, Robin & the Dark Knight, even Vintage Toys ) you can use on your MySpace Layout or just to brighten your computer's desktop! The button for the BAT-BLOG Free Batman Wallpaper Backgrounds Page is on the top right-hand side of this BatBlog ( you might have to go to the main page )!5

November 28, 2006


BIZARRO Comic Strip : BATMAN & ROBIN at Diner.

One of my favorite comic strips is BIZARRO by Dan Piraro. I can only get it in a free independant newspaper here in Oklahoma City but it's usually the 1st thing I read when I get that paper. It's always extremely funny & I really like his art style, great stuff! I've added a LINK to his webpage in the BAT-BLOG LINKS page so be sure to check it out! Oh yeah, Please remember to BOOKMARK THE BAT-BLOG before ya go!

November 27, 2006

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BATMAN Does Charity Work Because He's a Good Citizen!

A good friend of the BAT-BLOG named "BAT-JAMES" recently wore his 1966-Style Batman Costume to an annual charity event at his church. He said the kids went insane outta their minds!! LOL, I can only imagine the look on their faces when "Batman" arrived. He said he played with the kids & they were all very excited. He also said that he was surprised by what a rewarding experience this was & plans to do it again next year. This is a really great thing because we all need to try to make the world a better place. Something to think about during this holiday season.

November 26, 2006

TATTOO ART Catwoman & Batman Bat-Signal Logo

Here are 2 recently found photos of Batman-Related Tattoos that are pretty darn cool. I especially like the one of Catwoman. It was done by Bryant Mickler of Psycho Tattoo in Sandy Springs, GA. I'm not sure who did the other one but it's pretty cool also! If any other BAT-BLOG readers have a BatmanTattoo they would like to share then please send some pics!

HAPPY B-DAY! Batman Birthday Cakes Time Again!

I just got an e-mail from a longtime BAT-BLOG Reader who asked, "Hey! Where's the Batman Birthday Cake Photos, I love those!!". Ha Ha, Yes Debbie, I haven't posted any of those in awhile so here's 4 new ones for your viewing enjoyment! If any other readers have some cool Batman Party photos then please send them! I really like these cakes because the main ingredient is LOVE...aaaahhhhh. Be sure to check the BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES for more humor photos & art!

November 25, 2006

Vintage Batman & Robin Christmas Shopping TV Commercial

RARE Vintage 1966 Batman Toys & 60's Collectibles!

Alot of BAT-BLOG readers write in that they really love the Super-RARE Vintage Toys we post here so here's a nice example! The 1st photo is a set of MARX Batman & Robin ROLY-KINS from the UK. These British Bat-Toys are really hard-to-find in the US & highly sought after by collectors. Basically they are hard plastic figures with a chrome ball-bearing in the bottom to make them role around. I don't have a set of these & would really like to find them! The 2nd pic is a cool blisterpack carded toy called BATSCOUT. It's a propeller toy with launcher & you can shoot Batman into the air, wooo hooo! I'm sure it's hours of fun for both kids and adults. This toy is pretty RARE, especially still on the blister card, & I love the bright vintage graphics, way cool! Be sure to CHECK THE BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES for many more pix of RARE Vintage Batman & Robin Toys!

November 24, 2006

BATMAN and ROBIN -Inspired Paintings & Artwork!

OK, I guess I should apologize for all the postings recently about Batman ART. It's just that I really love ART & from the e-mails I get I know readers really love the Batman-Inspired pieces here ya go! The 1st picture is a photograph I found on eBay awhile back of a guy who did a BATMAN & ROBIN painting with acrylic paint on canvas. I love the use of color & he also has a great style, sort of cartoon-like. Ya gotta admit, the picture is pretty cool! The 2nd photo is a photograph I found on the internet a few months ago but lost ( put it in wrong folder, yes I'm a moron ). This painting shows BATMAN & ROBIN in the 1966 BATMOBILE CAR!! It also has a cartoon-like look but the car is really detailed, nice job! It kind of reminds me of the art by "Big Daddy" Ed Roth, the wacky RAT FINK hot rod artist! Or really more like those cool Topps Bubble Gum Stickers with the Cartoon Hotrod Cars Monsters...remember those? I forget the name of those. Either way it's a very very cool piece. I hope you guys like these pics has much as I do, enjoy! Be sure to CHECK THE BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES for more Batman-Inspired Artwork!!

RARE Batman Bubble Gum Wrapper & Tattoo Prizes from ARGENTINA!

OK BAT-BLOG Readers! You all know Ramiro, our friend from Argentina. Well, he sent us this great picture of one of his RARE Spanish Batman Items. Here's a BATMAN BUBBLE GUM WRAPPER w/ RUB-ON TATTOOS as prizes. These have got to be extremely RARE, even in Argentina....what a great photo! Thank You Ramiro!! I love the artwork on these, especially the tattoos...Batman & Robin seeing the Bat-Signal in the Sky, Batman Falling Into a Vat of Acid ( LOL ), & a Bomb Explosion Going Off in Front of Batman ( Probably from the Joker ). This is classic stuff you'll only see here folks, enjoy!! BAT-BLOG readers from around the world send us cool photos to share & in 20+ yrs of serious Bat-Collecting I have not seen alot of these RARE items. It's one of the reasons I love doing the batblog for you!! Remember to CHECK OUT THE BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES for many more photos of RARE Batman Collectibles!!

November 23, 2006

Fred Hembeck's Classic Comic Book Cover Re-Creations

Every true comic book fan knows & loves the work of Fred Hembeck! For 25+ years he's been doing parody drawings & comic strips of famous Marvel & DC Comics characters that we all love. If you're not familuar with his work you should do some research....he's great & you'll be glad you did! Recently he's been selling some artwork made just for eBay. What he does is he takes a super-classic comic book cover & re-creates it with his own special style of artwork. Even though his style is sort-of cartoon-like, the details are awesome! Up above is a current example of a re-creation he did of a classic DETECTIVE COMICS cover, check it out! I put a pic of the original cover so you can see how his art is a funny, but pretty accurate, copy...pretty cool huh? ( You can click the small picture for a larger photo ). Be sure to check the BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES for more Batman-Inspired Art!!

November 22, 2006


All the Batman Message Boards are in a buzz about the release of the new line of BATMAN BATMOBILE diescast toy cars that are gonna be made in 2007 by Hot Wheels! Basically, the Corgi Toy Company, who has been making an extremely nice series of Batmobiles the last few years, has lost the agreement to do them & next year they're gonna be made by Mattel. The main car everyone is super-excited about is the '66 Batmobile from the 1966 Batman TV Show, designed by George Barris! Up above is a prototype graphic "teaser" showing the car...I can't wait for this to come out because it should be extremely cool! I've heard they're gonna go all out on this one & the fine-details are gonna be insane! Also, It's gonna be a large-sized car about 1/18th scale!! Mattel is keeping everything super-secret right now so we don't know yet but as soon as the info becomes avaliable you can read it here at the olde BAT-BLOG! ( Click the small picture up above for a larger photo ).

Batman Wallpaper Wednesday! ROBIN NIGHTWING!!

Please remember that here at the BAT-BLOG every Wednesday is "WACKY WALLPAPER WEDNESDAY"! I have a theory that it's the readers who make the BAT-BLOG great! What I mean by that is I get alotta feedback from readers about what they want to see or hear about plus they send in cool pictures to share. This helps me stay on my toes. Like, the other day I received a message from a reader who said, "Hey, your Batman Wallpaper Page is awesome, there's some really obscure & cool stuff there, but there's NO most favorite Batman comic book character!". So, here are TWO NIGHTWING WALLPAPERS for you to enjoy! ( Click the above pictures for larger photos ). If you want other FREE Batman Desktop Wallpaper Backgrounds then be sure to CHECK OUT THE BAT-BLOG WALLPAPER PAGE. There are alot of image designs ( Batman Logo, Batgirl, Joker, Bat-Symbol Signal, even Toys ) you can use on your MySpace Layout or just to brighten your computer's desktop! The button for the BAT-BLOG Free Batman Wallpaper Backgrounds Page is on the top right-hand side of this BatBlog ( you might have to go to the main page )!
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November 21, 2006

RARE BATGIRL Batman Bendy Action Figure By MEGO ©1976

Today a friend of the BAT-BLOG sent us this really cool photo of a Super-RARE Vintage 1970's BATGIRL BENDY ACTION FIGURE Mego Toy that he thought you guys would enjoy seeing. I think he was right! This puppy is extremely hard-to-find & you NEVER see it MINT IN ORIGINAL PACKAGE like this....Thanx Dave! This was made by MEGO in the late 70's, I'm thinking ©1976. I have a few of these Mego Superhero Bendys in my personal collection but they are all loose, MINT, out of the package. I mean, these are very very hard-to-find still in the original packaging, LOL. I have Batgirl, Batman, Robin, Joker, Riddler, & Penguin. Oh yeah, I think I have a Superman, can't remember. I'll probably post a picture of them later for another story. Thanx again Dave for the cool pix, if any other reader has some cool photos to share then please send them! Also, Be sure to check out the BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES for more Vintage Batman Toys like Mego, Corgi, Remco, Marx, etc...


OK, as Loyal BAT-BLOG Readers know ( from previous posts ) I love ART in all forms: fine art, painting, comic book art, cartoons, commercial art, you name's all good! The other day I was surfing around MySpace & by accident found this artist who does very serious work but, for fun or personal pleasure, he made a large Batman Sculpture I'm showing here. His name is ENRICO. Isn't this piece too cool! Now I don't have any details right now but will be sharing them later. I contacted the guy & he said this photo was showing it unfinished & when he's done with it later he will send us a newer photo just for the BAT-BLOG! WOW, the thing looks pretty cool already ( I thought it was already completed, LOL ) so I'm not sure what he's gonna do unless he's gonna add color or more details. We will all have to wait & see the final piece but I like it already! The detailing is awesome, for example, look at the utility belt & chest logo. I also like how the mask/cowl looks like an actual "thing" that is "on a human face"....nice nod to reality there. I hope to be showing more work by this guy. At least a photo of this puppy when it's finished. One last thing, you can click the small picture up above for a larger photo. Be sure to check the BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES for more Batman Inspired Art!

November 19, 2006

Batman French Comic Strip from France!

One day while surfing the net I found this really weird & very cool BATMAN COMIC STRIP that is totally in French! Now the cool thing I like about it is this carnival ride photo in the last panel, check it out! ( Be sure to click the small picture above for a larger photo! )

November 18, 2006

1966 TV Show WAYNE MANOR MANSION Google Earth

Here's a really neat picture if you're a totally super-serious Batman Fan, ha ha! This is a real "Google Earth" photo of the real-life house they used for the scenes in the 1966 Batman TV Show of the stately Wayne Manor. The interior shots were faked on a closed set but the shots they used of the "outside" of the house were this actual home. I got this photo from the 66 BATMAN Message Boards where someone used Google Earth to pinpoint the exact location & took a photo...kinda scary we have this technology huh? I used it once to do my house & the details were insane! It really makes ya think, if we "regular people" have this technology then what does the government have? Hmmm? Excuse me, there's a knock at the door.

RARE 1966 JOKER HAND PUPPET Vintage 60's Batman Toy

I saw this 1966 JOKER HAND PUPPET on eBay awhile back & nearly freaked! I can't begin to express how super super-RARE this thing is! They made a Batman puppet which is kinda common. They also made a Robin one which is alot harder to find for some strange reason. But, this Joker puppet was sold only as an extra toy in a one store-exclusive playset. I think the store was SEARS but can't remember the exact details. Anyhoo, this is one toy I don't have in my extensive collection & really really want ( Hey readers, Christmas is coming up, LOL ). Be sure to check the BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES for many more RARE Vintage Batman Toys!

November 17, 2006

CAL SLAYTON Comic Style Illustration Artist CATWOMAN

Here's a very lovely graphic illustration showing Catwoman stealing one of her beloved cat statues. Unfortunely Batman & Robin are there to ruin everything, ha ha. It's by a really cool artist named CAL SLAYTON. I discovered his artwork while surfing thru MySpace & instantly loved his work! He has a crisp clean graphic style with a great sense of color. His main focus is good girl art & pin-ups....meow! If you enjoy great eye-candy then you need to check out his site. He's easy to find on Google, so try that & get ready for some cool ART. Be sure to check the BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES for more artists!


The other day I was surfing the net & found a really cool webpage that was all in German. I couldn't understand any of the language but from the pictures could tell this guy was very very serious about collecting records! He had a really great collection & as I was scrolling thru some of the eye-candy photos I found these 2 Super-RARE Batman & Robin LP Record Album covers that I have NEVER seen before! I knew they had to be very obscure & hard-to-find so I wanted to share them with my BAT-BLOG readers....Check 'em out! If you're really into RARE Batman Records then you need to check out a site called BAT-MUSIC. There's a LINK BUTTON in the BAT-BLOG's LINKS area. Please remember to BOOKMARK THE BAT-BLOG before ya leave! See ya Tommorrow!

November 16, 2006


This is the BAT-BLOG's 200th posting! So, we thought we would celebrate with some bat-music! This is the song Bat-Dance by Prince from the 1989 Batman Movie. We hope you enjoy this RARE video/song & be sure to check the BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES for the past 199 postings!!

November 15, 2006


Please remember that every Wednesday is "Wacky Wallpaper Day" here at the BAT-BLOG! This background is an awesome photo of a BATMAN BATMOBILE DIECAST CORGI TOY CAR that came recently. I love this car! I like the unusual vintage "Art Deco" design & the way it looks like one of the very 1st early Batmobiles. If you click the above picture it's actually a huge wallpaper-sized photo! If you want other Batman Wallpaper then be sure to CHECK OUT THE BAT-BLOG WALLPAPER PAGE. There are alot of designs you can use on your MySpace page or just to brighten your desktop! The button for the BAT-BLOG Batman Wallpaper Backgrounds Page is on the top right-hand side of this batblog!
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Batman Wallpaper Wednesday! VIDEO GAME BAT-SYMBOL

Please remember that every Wednesday is "Wacky Wallpaper Day" here at the BAT-BLOG! This design is the BAT-SYMBOL for the BATMAN : VENGENCE Video Game that came out a couple of years ago, a nice PC game! I like the unusual angular design & the way it looks like it's brushed steel. ( Click the above picture for a larger photo ). If you want other FREE Batman Wallpaper then be sure to CHECK OUT THE BAT-BLOG WALLPAPER PAGE. There are alot of designs you can use on your MySpace page or just to brighten your computer's desktop! The button for the FREE BAT-BLOG Batman & Robin Wallpaper Backgrounds Page is on the top right-hand side of this batblog!
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November 14, 2006


Here's a very cool Batman-related photo sent in by a loyal BAT-BLOG reader named Dave. He says, " I went to my local TOYS-R-US last week to see what new Bat-items they had & when I turned the isle BBAAAMMM! This life-size full-figure statue of BATMAN THE DARK KNGIHT was right there...My small son nearly freaked out!!". HA HA, I bet that was a surprise. The statue was made by LEGO to advertise their new line of Batman Lego Toys & is made completely out of real Legos!! Wow, that thing must weigh a ton, ha ha. Thanx so much for sending in this wonderful photo Dave. I know the readers are gonna love it & I hope your son is ok! If anyone has some cool pix to share then please feel free to send them! Be sure to check the BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES for many more Dark Knight toy photos including Lego, Corgi, Mego, Ideal, Marx, etc..


Here's a really nice pencil sketch of Batman in profile done by classic comic book artist MIKE GRELL. Below that is a 1980's BATMAN comic book cover featuring his artwork. When I collected comic books hardcore back in the late 70's & early 80's I used to really love this guy's work. He was alot like Neal Adams in a way because he drew with alot of detail. His character facial expressions were great! You knew if the characters were shocked, happy, sad, etc..Anyways, I was kind of excited to discover that he has his own personal website. I've included it in the BAT-BLOG LINKS, which are located on the top right-hand side of this blog. If you've never heard of him you should go pay homage, it will be both a learning experience & a treat. If you're already a big fan of his work, like me, then you will really enjoy yourself! Before you leave here please be sure to BOOKMARK THE BAT-BLOG before ya go!

November 13, 2006

Superman / Batman Pepsi Cola Bottle Caps from Argentina!!

Here's a really cool photo showing some SUPER-RARE Pepsi Bottle Caps from Argentina! You got these off Pepsi Cola bottles & on the inside they feature pictures of various DC Comic Book Characters. There's Superman, Batman, Robin, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Green Arrow, Krypto, Hawkman, etc.. There are also some cool villians like the Joker, Riddler, Penguin, Catwoman, Lex Luthor, Mr. Freeze, etc..This photo was sent in by our great friend Ramiro, who lives in Argentina....Thanks Ramiro! If anyone living outside the USA, or inside the USA for that matter, has any cool photos then please share them here! Be sure to check the BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES for more cool foreign toys & rare bat-items!


Here's an extremely RARE 1970's Mego Action Figure 8" Doll of Batman with Removable Cowl on a RARE "Kresge Card". The above photo ( which is a larger pic if you click on it ) shows both the front & back. Most of the Mego Batman figures has a "Batman head" with him permantly wearing the cowl but this one had a "Bruce Wayne" head with a cowl that came! If anybody has some cool pix of their favorite old bat-toys please send them! Be sure to check the BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES for more cool Vintage Toys incuding Mego, Ideal, Knickerbocker, Marx, Toy Biz, etc..

November 12, 2006


Here's a really funny humor photo sent to the BAT-BLOG for all you readers to enjoy! It's a parody of those iPod ads...funny! If you have any cool pix or photos then please send them to the BAT-BLOG! Be sure to check the BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES for more funny pics, located on the right under the Link Buttons.

November 11, 2006

ACE OF DETECTIVES New Batman Radio Show!

Recently I discovered this very cool vintage-style radio show called BATMAN : ACE OF DETECTIVES. Basically it's alot like those old radio shows you could listen to in the 1940's, like Little Orphan Annie or Superman, but it's completely NEW! When you listen to it there's sound effects ( creaking door, car engine starting, that kinda thing )& even great background music that really brings it to life. This is a lost ART! Also, the voices are extremely well done. The voice actors are top-notch & I really like the people who play Batman & Alfred. Actually ALL the voices are good & the storyline is interesting. I think they have about 9 or 10 episodes so far & they're well worth listening to. You can hear them at their website or do what I do. I download the MP3 & listen to them while working. You can find a LINK BUTTON at the BAT-BLOG LINKS area, the button for LINKS is on the top right-hand side of this batblog.

MTV Movie Awards with Batman Begins Batmobile

November 10, 2006

The Dark Knight in China & Hong Kong!!

Greetings Good Citizens. Batman is all over the world these days. The top photo shows Batman in China with some Chinese guards, too funny! The 2nd photo was taken by a loyal BAT-BLOG reader who said he saw this in a shopping mall in Hong Kong, ha ha! Thanks for sending the cool pic! Anyone with cool pictures or photos please send them to share! Be sure to CHECK THE BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES for many more funny humor photos of Batman!

November 9, 2006

LARGE 1966 Batman & Robin Photographs For Sale Online

My friend Steve recently bought 2 really LARGE 1966 BATMAN TV SHOW Art Print / Color Photographs online that he can't stop gushing about! In fact, I think I'm gonna get one for myself. He was telling me about how big they are & said the quality is aweome! He got the BIG one with a picture of Adam West & Burt Ward in close-up that I really like. The other one is with Batman ( Adam West ) riding the 1960's version Bat-Cycle Motorcycle & I like that one too, hard to decide. The place that sells them also has 1966 TV versions of Joker ( Cesar Romero ), Catwoman ( Julie Newmar ), Riddler ( Frank Gorshin ), etc... There's so many cool 60's ones that I can't decide which one I want. They also have some newer posters of the new movies like Batman Begins. Maybe I should start hinting to Santa Claus, ha ha! Click the LINK below to check them out! Buy Batman posters and prints at

Original NEAL ADAMS Batman Comic Book COVER ART!

Here's a modern masterpiece worthy of the Louve in Paris or the Museum of Modern Art in New York! This is the original production art page for the cover to the Batman # 241 ( May 1972 ) comic book by Neal Adams!! This cover is a classic icon making it alot better than most Bat-Covers you see. Some Art Gallery is currently offering this on eBay & if I were not so dang poor right now I would be on it tonight! Just thought I would give my millionare readers a heads-up to check it out. For more Original Comic Book Art be sure to CHECK THE BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES to find stuff by Norm Breyfogle, Steve Stanley, etc.. ( You can click the small picture above for a a larger photo ).

November 8, 2006


Every now & then, here at the olde BAT-BLOG, we post a few photos of some Super-RARE Vintage Batman Toys just to torture the collectors, LOL! Actually this is a good reference for us to learn about some cool items out there. The 1st pic is a cool Batman Rubber Bendy Doll made by MARX in the 1960's. It's still in the original bag with header card. I love the 60's graphics on this & this baby is super-rare with or without the package! The next beautiful item is a BATPLANE Friction Toy Airplane with Original Box ~ drool, drool. The 3rd Bat-Item picture is a RARE BATMOBILE TIN TOY CAR with RARE Original Box ( this item is an icon & doesn't need any further explanation as to why it's great! ). The last item is, I think, the RAREST of them all! Here's an original 1970's BATMAN STRING-PUPPET with STORE DISPLAY! I can't remember if this was made by Ideal, Mego, or Knickerbocker but it's extremely RARE, especially with the display box!! I hope these have been fun & good luck finding them. Please check the BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES for many more RARE & unusual Vintage Batman Toys!