November 25, 2006

RARE Vintage 1966 Batman Toys & 60's Collectibles!

Alot of BAT-BLOG readers write in that they really love the Super-RARE Vintage Toys we post here so here's a nice example! The 1st photo is a set of MARX Batman & Robin ROLY-KINS from the UK. These British Bat-Toys are really hard-to-find in the US & highly sought after by collectors. Basically they are hard plastic figures with a chrome ball-bearing in the bottom to make them role around. I don't have a set of these & would really like to find them! The 2nd pic is a cool blisterpack carded toy called BATSCOUT. It's a propeller toy with launcher & you can shoot Batman into the air, wooo hooo! I'm sure it's hours of fun for both kids and adults. This toy is pretty RARE, especially still on the blister card, & I love the bright vintage graphics, way cool! Be sure to CHECK THE BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES for many more pix of RARE Vintage Batman & Robin Toys!

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