November 9, 2006

Original NEAL ADAMS Batman Comic Book COVER ART!

Here's a modern masterpiece worthy of the Louve in Paris or the Museum of Modern Art in New York! This is the original production art page for the cover to the Batman # 241 ( May 1972 ) comic book by Neal Adams!! This cover is a classic icon making it alot better than most Bat-Covers you see. Some Art Gallery is currently offering this on eBay & if I were not so dang poor right now I would be on it tonight! Just thought I would give my millionare readers a heads-up to check it out. For more Original Comic Book Art be sure to CHECK THE BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES to find stuff by Norm Breyfogle, Steve Stanley, etc.. ( You can click the small picture above for a a larger photo ).

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ozz said...

Good stuff!