November 24, 2006

BATMAN and ROBIN -Inspired Paintings & Artwork!

OK, I guess I should apologize for all the postings recently about Batman ART. It's just that I really love ART & from the e-mails I get I know readers really love the Batman-Inspired pieces here ya go! The 1st picture is a photograph I found on eBay awhile back of a guy who did a BATMAN & ROBIN painting with acrylic paint on canvas. I love the use of color & he also has a great style, sort of cartoon-like. Ya gotta admit, the picture is pretty cool! The 2nd photo is a photograph I found on the internet a few months ago but lost ( put it in wrong folder, yes I'm a moron ). This painting shows BATMAN & ROBIN in the 1966 BATMOBILE CAR!! It also has a cartoon-like look but the car is really detailed, nice job! It kind of reminds me of the art by "Big Daddy" Ed Roth, the wacky RAT FINK hot rod artist! Or really more like those cool Topps Bubble Gum Stickers with the Cartoon Hotrod Cars Monsters...remember those? I forget the name of those. Either way it's a very very cool piece. I hope you guys like these pics has much as I do, enjoy! Be sure to CHECK THE BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES for more Batman-Inspired Artwork!!

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ozz said...

That first one is pretty freaky!

The second one isn't bad, either.