November 23, 2006

Fred Hembeck's Classic Comic Book Cover Re-Creations

Every true comic book fan knows & loves the work of Fred Hembeck! For 25+ years he's been doing parody drawings & comic strips of famous Marvel & DC Comics characters that we all love. If you're not familuar with his work you should do some research....he's great & you'll be glad you did! Recently he's been selling some artwork made just for eBay. What he does is he takes a super-classic comic book cover & re-creates it with his own special style of artwork. Even though his style is sort-of cartoon-like, the details are awesome! Up above is a current example of a re-creation he did of a classic DETECTIVE COMICS cover, check it out! I put a pic of the original cover so you can see how his art is a funny, but pretty accurate, copy...pretty cool huh? ( You can click the small picture for a larger photo ). Be sure to check the BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES for more Batman-Inspired Art!!

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More good stuff from Hembeck.