November 8, 2006


Every now & then, here at the olde BAT-BLOG, we post a few photos of some Super-RARE Vintage Batman Toys just to torture the collectors, LOL! Actually this is a good reference for us to learn about some cool items out there. The 1st pic is a cool Batman Rubber Bendy Doll made by MARX in the 1960's. It's still in the original bag with header card. I love the 60's graphics on this & this baby is super-rare with or without the package! The next beautiful item is a BATPLANE Friction Toy Airplane with Original Box ~ drool, drool. The 3rd Bat-Item picture is a RARE BATMOBILE TIN TOY CAR with RARE Original Box ( this item is an icon & doesn't need any further explanation as to why it's great! ). The last item is, I think, the RAREST of them all! Here's an original 1970's BATMAN STRING-PUPPET with STORE DISPLAY! I can't remember if this was made by Ideal, Mego, or Knickerbocker but it's extremely RARE, especially with the display box!! I hope these have been fun & good luck finding them. Please check the BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES for many more RARE & unusual Vintage Batman Toys!


megomuseum said...

The puppets were by a company called Pellham, who i believe got the outfits from Mego.

I've found several of these store displays (which are really cool when you turn them on) but usually it's Wonder Woman you find, not Batman.

ozz said...

So that toy Batmobile's box featured the TV Batmobile in the artwork? The toy obviously looks nothing like the TV Batmobile. Isn't that kind of a 'bait and switch'? I think if I bought one of those, I might have been disappointed upon opening the box.