November 24, 2006

RARE Batman Bubble Gum Wrapper & Tattoo Prizes from ARGENTINA!

OK BAT-BLOG Readers! You all know Ramiro, our friend from Argentina. Well, he sent us this great picture of one of his RARE Spanish Batman Items. Here's a BATMAN BUBBLE GUM WRAPPER w/ RUB-ON TATTOOS as prizes. These have got to be extremely RARE, even in Argentina....what a great photo! Thank You Ramiro!! I love the artwork on these, especially the tattoos...Batman & Robin seeing the Bat-Signal in the Sky, Batman Falling Into a Vat of Acid ( LOL ), & a Bomb Explosion Going Off in Front of Batman ( Probably from the Joker ). This is classic stuff you'll only see here folks, enjoy!! BAT-BLOG readers from around the world send us cool photos to share & in 20+ yrs of serious Bat-Collecting I have not seen alot of these RARE items. It's one of the reasons I love doing the batblog for you!! Remember to CHECK OUT THE BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES for many more photos of RARE Batman Collectibles!!

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