April 25, 2015


Here's a quick post to share a brand-new photo showing what the Actor Jared Leto will look like as THE JOKER in the new SUICIDE SQUAD movie. I think he looks awesome and is a fresh modern-day version of the character. 

But, I know there will be a bunch of crybabies out there that will want to complain and pick it to death. Here's my take on the whole issue: 

Please, please give Jared Leto a chance to prove he can do a good or bad job of portraying the character and hold your opinion until AFTER you see the movie. Who knows? He might nail it just like Heath Ledger did in the Dark Knight Trilogy and like Jack Nicholson did before him. Personally, I love all the different variety.

Official BATMAN V SUPERMAN Movie Posters For IMAX 3D Release #BatmanVSuperman #BvS

Here's some kickass graphic art I knew I had to share. here are 2 posters which were a special give-away at a recent IMAX event for the BATMAN V SUPERMAN Trailer. I would totally kill to get some of these but nobody even knew that Warner Bros were gonna give these out, ha! The artwork is pretty cool with them having a sort of Street-Grafitti style.


Here's an extremely well done parody of the brand-new BATMAN V SUPERMAN movie trailer. They used the original audio but replaced the visuals with older retro-style versions of the characters. 

In this video we get to see Christopher Reeve as Superman and Adam West's version of Batman.... AWESOME!


The BAT-BLOG is pretty famous for featuring Batman Tattoo Art. It all started with me just sharing a photo of a nice Bat-Tat that I randomly came across. I shared it because I thought  it had a cool "Graphic Art" angle. But then what happened was I started to get a ton of submissions from various fans of the site. They had all recently got some ink done & decided to share. 

It's one of those wonderful accidents that happen when you are engaged in blogging. I love the personal side of my blog, the way I am connected with people. So, I'm always incredibly grateful for submissions. It means that people enjoy an aspect of the site and want to be involved. It also adds some variety to my posts and creates some magic. Like they say, "Variety is the spice of life".

Here's a tattoo sent in to us the other night and this guy was inspired by Jim Lee's artwork that appeared inside the now super-famous HUSH Graphic Novel. The colors are sharp and bright, very well done. (Thank you for sending it in).


Presented here, hopefully for your viewing pleasure, are 2 Free BATMAN-THEMED Wallpaper Backgrounds I created recently that celebrate one of our favorite "Gotham City" characters, Commissioner James "Jim" Gordon. The first one is the more modern-day version, the other slightly older.

Please feel free to use these to brighten your desktop and also, please share them within your favorite social media like Facebook or Twitter. Thanks!

April 16, 2015

Official #BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE Imax Special Event Teaser Trailer Video

Here is the Official BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE Teaser Trailer just released on Twitter by the Movie Director, Zack Snyder.

Don't blink your eyes or you will miss it, ha!

April 14, 2015

MARYLAND LIVE CASINO Will Be Giving Away a 1966 #BATMAN TV Series #BATMOBILE Replica Car!!

In approximately 10 days the MARYLAND LIVE CASINO will be giving away a 1966 BATMAN TV Series Batmobile Replica Car!! 

The event starts on Friday, April 24th, 2015. From 7:00pm to 11:00pm and
runs until Saturday, April 25th and Sunday, April 26th | 1:00PM – 5:00PM

Earn 1 entry for every 50 points earned or 5 entries for every 15 minutes of carded Table Play while playing with your Live! Rewards® Card from 6:00AM, April 1st to 4:59PM, April 26th, 2015

Drawings located at the Small Live! Rewards® Club near R Bar
Batmobile Drawing at 4:00PM on April 26, 2015

For more info on the Maryland LIVE Casino just CLICK HERE!

#BATMAN ART: Little Heroes April 16th - May 9th at the Curious Duke Gallery, London

In the UK/England there is a popular Art Photographer known as "Roy's People" who arranges tiny plastic figures of everyday people in funny and/or amusing circumstances. He is having an art show, titled "Little Heroes", that opens in a few days at the CURIOUS DUKE GALLERY: LONDON.

Up above is a piece that was inspired by BATMAN. It's a picture frame with a few 3-D elements, and of course some tiny plastic figures, showing a street scene where the man is casting a shadow of the Dark Knight.

Then, here is another example of his work.

The show starts on April 16th and runs until May 9th. So, if you live near the area please be sure to attend and also let them know that the BAT-BLOG sent you!

For more information here is the Official Website of the GALLERY. Also be sure to visit ROY'S PEOPLE Facebook Page by clicking HERE!

(Thanks Ross!)

#BATMAN THE RIDE at Six Flags Fiesta Texas Opening Memorial Day Weekend! #BatmanTheRide

Check out this promo video featuring a construction tour of the new BATMAN: THE RIDE at Six Flags Fiesta Texas - the most insane twisty looking roller coaster of 2015! 

They have plans on opening this next month on Memorial Day (May 25th).

#BATMAN Cosplay Extreme: Real Life Batsuit Combat Armor

Gordon Jackson, a 21 year old Industrial Design Student, has created what he thinks to be an actual Batman Bat-Suit. "Actual", like in the fact, that the suit is actually bullet-proof and can take some damage without hurting the person wearing it. Check out the video down below!

Oh yeah, If you want more pictures and technical information on the batsuit then please be sure to visit his website, just CLICK HERE!