March 27, 2015

YVONNE CRAIG #BATGIRL - An Extensive INTERVIEW with the Washington Blade Newspaper

Just a quick post to share some wonderful "66 BATMAN" NEWS! Over at the Official WASHINGTON BLADE Website they recently conducted an extensive interview with "Batgirl" Actress, Yvonne Craig.

She recently has gall bladder surgery (things went well, she's recovering fine) and afterwars she was kind enough to speak to their Reporter, Joey DiGuglielmo. It really gives a lot of insight into her character and it's also a nice update as to what she has been up to lately. it's really cool. Please CLICK HERE to check it out. (Hey Dean, Thanks for the heads-up on this).


Oh yeah, as a side-note, or maybe a friendly warning, any of you who might be ultra right-wing Republican (or sadly homophobic), the Washington Blade is a Gay Newspaper. But the page we linked to is relatively clean and there isn't anything that's gonna hurt your delicate sensibilities. So, please keep that in mind and be respectful. Thanks.

#BATMAN BAT-FAMILY Extreme Cosplay Photo

Over at the Official BAT-BLOG FACEBOOK Page the other day a friend of ours named Mark sent us this extremely awesome photo of his family doing some serious Batman-themed Cosplay. In fact, it's so great I know I had to share it here. Check it out!

Mark's Mom, Debbie, is the Penguin (center)

His Brother Adam is Batman!

Adam's lovely Wife is Catwoman!

Plus, his Son is the Joker and his Baby Daughter is an adorable little Batgirl!

I totally love this photo, it's so wonderful. (Thank you Mark)

#BATMAN ARTWORK - French Comic Book Style Pop Art by Mr. Garcin

In France there is a famous Pop Artist known as Mr. Garcin. He recycles imagery taken from vintage comic books to create some extremely intricate collages. He uses many smaller images to make-up larger ones.

Here are some examples of Batman-inspired artworks. The first one is a large head of Batman, but if you check out the 2nd and 3rd photos you can see some super close-up details that show it is made from many different scenes.

Then, down below, is another work featuring the Batman Bat-Logo. It is officially licensed through DC Comics. The coloring effect he gets using this technique is really cool. 

To check out more of his work please be sure to visit his official blog, just CLICK HERE!

VIDEO - #BATMAN ARKHAM KNIGHT Official Gameplay Video “Officer Down”

As the citizens of Gotham City flee and criminal gangs take control of the city, Batman uses his own special methods to discover the true purpose behind Scarecrow's plans.

Watch this extended look at official gameplay from the first chapter of Batman: Arkham Knight!

March 24, 2015

NEW 1960's #BATMAN TV Series #BATGIRL STATUE of Yvonne Craig by Tweeterhead!

Tweeterhead shared some photos with us the other day giving us an idea of what the next Batman '66 Statue is gonna look like. It will be the wonderful "Dynamo Doll" herself, BATGIRL!! 

Yes, the Yvonne Craig version of the character is coming out later and we totally love these 2 pics showing the prototype stages of development. I mean, this Marquette Statue already looks great and we know the finished product will be amazing!

We don't have any news right now on an exact release date but please stay tuned to the BAT-BLOG and once we get some more pics we will let you know.

Fresh #BATMAN Toy and #JOKER Product News for 2015

Anyone who has been reading the BAT-BLOG for any amount of time knows that we are obsessed with all the fun Batman merchandise out there and we are always reporting everything we come across. Sometimes it's almost overwhelming, at certain times there is just so much!

Well, check out these 2 fun bat-items! The first bit of news is about this "Batman Mini-Skateboard" by Tech Deck (some toy collectors call these "Fingerboards") that are in stores now. This photo was sent to us by a good friend named Jerrmin. I have not seen these yet so, hey, thank you Jerrmin!

Next up is a weird and wacky "Batman item" that is sort-of related to the Joker. We say "sort-of" because it is not an official product but more of a bootleg or "swipe", as some Graphic Artists call it. Here are some Mural Art and Craft Paints being sold with a graphic that was lifted from some promo comic book art of the Joker done by the legendary Neal Adams.

I posted Neal Adams' original artwork down below so you can see the resemblance, ha ha ha!

VIDEO: AMAZING HEROES NJ Comic Book Store Commercial with #Batman and #Spiderman

Batman, the Caped Crusader, and that wacky Webslinger, the Amazing Spiderman, once again cross paths at their favorite comic book shop... 

Steve Nemeckay's AMAZING HEROES!! Located along Stuyvesant Avenue in historic downtown Union, New Jersey!

Written by and starring New Jersey BatDave; starring, edited and directed by Dennis 'Spider-Denny' Pellicano.

William Ketts' Amazing Michael Keaton #BATMAN MOVIE Cosplay Photos!

Hey, check out these photos in detail because they are really awesome! 

Over at the BAT-BLOG FACEBOOK fan page we got a message from a Cosplayer named William Ketts who is also a very serious Batman Fan that lives in Houston, Texas.

Don't believe me? Well, check out these cool pics that prove his "Michael Keaton-style bat-suit" is really really great! 

As a side note we should mention that this is an earlier version of his costume and he recently sent us some pics of a newer, "improved", version. Wow, I mean, I don't know how this suit could be improved... it's so awesome! But hey, we will be posting those pics in a future post. So, keep an eye out for that!

(Thanks William, good job!)

Costumed #BATMAN Fan Gets Political in Brazil!

Check out this random photo I came across the other day. It's some sort of protest against something in Brazil and I had no idea what it meant. So, I asked some Brazilian friends on FACEBOOK to translate it for me and here's what they said.

It's a protest against Brazil's current President, Dilma Rousseff. She is the first woman to hold the office. Many people want her impeached, including this guy dressed as Batman. The sign he is holding roughly translates to the phrase, "DILMA OUT!".

March 22, 2015

FREE #BATMAN WALLPAPERS - BAT-BEAR and #BATGIRL Variant Comic Book Cover with the #JOKER!

OK, it's been awhile since I posted some Free Bat-Blog BATMAN WALLPAPERS so here we go! The first one is a photo of a brand-new product coming out later made by Gund. They are a plush toy company that is known for having super-high-quality merchandise so we're happy to hear about this. They also plan to make ones of Robin the Boy Wonder (Teddy Bear), Superman (Puppy) and Wonder Woman (Bunny).

Then, I decided to make a background pic of the now-famous, or should we say "infamous", graphic showing what was going to be the variant cover for Batgirl #37 before it got cancelled.

It was drawn by the comic book artist Rafael Albuquerque and once it got leaked-out all the Neo-Feminist Crybabies started to squawk about it! OK, I kind of get their point. It does show violence towards Women but IT IS the freakin' JOKER!! I don't remember them saying one damn thing when the Joker beat Robin to death with a crowbar!! (I guess Men are disposable). Yes, double standards help to keep their false entitlement going and this is nothing more than lame censorship. Shame on you, shame.