August 26, 2014

New VIDEO - #BATMAN : THE DARK JEDI KNIGHT Stop Motion Animation Movie Trailer

Check out this amazing video from our YouTube friend, "Captain McKay Random". This is another absurd idea he had, presented in the form of a movie trailer. 

Batman learns the ways of the Force, but his enemies also begin to show signs of the Dark Side. Would you see this movie if it were real?


Check out these wonderful photos a friend of ours sent to us. His name is Salvatore and he spotted this new BATMAN TUMBLER BATMOBILE Lego Set which is available exclusively at LEGO STORE locations. This one was spotted in Belgium, of all places. How cool is that?!

(Thanks Salvatore!)

#GOTHAM TV Series THE LEGEND REBORN Preview Special FOX Video Trailers

OK, as it is getting closer to the release date the FOX TV Network has been busy releasing promo material for their new "Batman" TV Series titled, GOTHAM. Here are 4 preview videos that give us a great idea on what the show will be all about. I think it looks pretty cool so far. I hope it's good!

The Series Premiere will be Monday, September 22, 2014 at 8:00pm, 7:00 Central. Check your local listings.

BATGIRL AND ROBIN - Free #Batman Wallpapers

Yesterday, while goofing around on Facebook, I had a friend named Amy request some Batman Wallpaper that featured "Batgirl and Robin". I asked, "Which version of the characters do you like?" and she replied, "The Animated Series". So, I thought no problem, that should be easy!

Well, long story short, it took an hour or two to find ANY kind of graphics like that, ha! It's weird, it took a lot longer than I thought, I screwed-up!

So anyways, here are some of the graphics I found and I've posted these backgrounds. The ones up top are kind of close to what I had in mind and they do have "Batgirl & Robin from the TV cartoons. 

The ones down below are some great pictures I found but they were not exactly what she asked for. But I'm including them here just in case someone else might like them. So, here we go!

(Thanks Amy!)

August 24, 2014

#BATMAN Comic Book Artist NEAL ADAMS Returns to the 2014 FAN-EXPO in Canada

Next weekend, or "the last weekend in August", Neal Adams will be appearing at the 2014 FAN-EXPO  Event in Canada! He will be in Booth #531 and you can get him to sign your books, draw a picture, commission an original piece of artwork, get his autograph, etc... HEY! Please tell him, "The BAT-BLOG sent me!".

For more info about this comic con just click here: FAN-EXPO CANADA.

VIDEO - Gamescom Teaser Trailer for LEGO BATMAN 3: BEYOND GOTHAM

What happens when bricks go bad? Get a glimpse in this brand new LEGO BATMAN 3: BEYOND GOTHAM Movie Trailer that made its debut at the recent 2014 Gamescon event. The Joker is pretty funny in this video. Wow, this animated feature keeps looking better and better!

VIDEO: BATMAN and THE JOKER (1966 Style) TV Commercial From Brazil!

Here's an extremely cool BATMAN-Themed TV Commercial that aired in Brazil and the fun thing is that it's all in Portuguese and the costumes are really great! It features highly-stylized versions of Batman and the Joker as they were in the Classic 1966 BATMAN TV Show.

I'd also like to mention that we would have never found this thing if it wasn't for the kindness of our friend, Fabio. He explained, "It's an insurance company advertisement. The girl's car is dead and she calls Batman to help her. Batman obviously can't help her in that moment... But Bradesco Insurance can!"

(Thanks Fabio)

Vintage BATMAN Comic Books From Around the World

Recently, some friends of ours on our Facebook Page shared a few foreign BATMAN comics that they have in their collections. 

The first one is from a guy named Johan De Neef. This is the cover to a "Special Batman Album" published in the Netherlands. It uses some Carmine Infantino artwork and looks awesome!

The next 2 books are Arabic Language Books. The 1st one is from the collection of our friend Jeff Sedin, the 2nd one is from another collector who submitted this thing so long ago that I can't remember his name. Yes, I'm a complete idiot, ha! But it's a great cover that features Neal Adams Artwork.

Thanks to everybody who submitted these fun pics and if YOU, the reader, are a serious Batman Fan then please come join us at FACEBOOK  just CLICK HERE!

BATGIRL CELEBRATION - Free #Batman Desktop Wallpapers!

Every now and then we post some FREE BATMAN Wallpapers here at the BAT-BLOG to help brighten your desktop. Here are some backgrounds I made the other night to celebrate the character known as Batgirl. 

The 1st two use original comic book art, and then the last two (down below) revolve around Batgirl Cosplay. Please Share and enjoy.

August 16, 2014

HOT TOYS - BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure

“You’re not safe here. No one is.” Batman: Arkham City has been a very popular video game among fans since its debut. The narrative, character, world designs, and game play have all contributed to the game’s success. Many Batman fans have been craving for the collectible figure from the video game since the release of Hot Toys’ teaser photos. 

As a celebration for Batman’s 75th anniversary, HOT TOYS is pleased to officially introduce the BATMAN ARKHAM CITY 1/6th scale "Batman" Collectible Figure. 

This figure is specially crafted based on the image of Batman from the game featuring a newly developed masked head sculpt with 2 interchangeable lower faces, newly sculpted muscular body and Batsuit, and detailed weapons. I mean, just check out all the photos we got from them!