May 29, 2016

THE BRAMPTON #BATMAN Takes #Cosplay To The Next Level in #CANADA!

Here's a quick post to share some kick-ass photos we got from a friend in Canada featuring a guy who is pretty serious about his cosplay, he is known as THE BRAMPTON BATMAN! 

He lives in Brampton, Ontario and he even has a super-awesome Custom Batmobile Replica Car, check it out!! 

(Click on it for a larger, more detailed, version)

Funny BATMAN V SUPERMAN Dawn of Justice Parody Video!

In this Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Parody... Is Batman fighting Superman or are they working together to fight Doomsday? Does the Senator have a lisp? Is Lex Luthor wearing a wig?


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Scott Vogel as Batman/Bruce Wayne
Trent Bruce as Superman/Clark Kent
David Lautman as Lex Luthor
Brianna Oppenheimer as Senator
Celina Mauti as Wonder Woman
L.B. Rai as Perry White
Charles Dewandeler as Alfred

Batman and Superman are owned by Warner Bros. and DC Comics.
This parody is produced by Spoof Troupe.

©2015, Spoof Troupe, Hollywood, CA.


BIFF!! One of my favorite things about doing the BAT-BLOG is getting the chance to meet Batman Fans from all over the world. Here's a great example! Check out our friend, Alex O'Connell!

Alex is from Australia and in that country they have a HUGE Comic Convention called SUPANOVA! 

Recently, Alex played a big part in a Special '66 Batman Cosplay Group and, as you can tell from the photos, he cosplayed as the JOKER! Yes, Cesar Romero Style!! Check it out!

His costume and make-up are dead-on! Plus, if you look real close, I think he even has the painted-over mustache, ha! This must have been a really fun time, the costumes look so great! 

Thank you Alex for sharing your wonderful photos. Sorry it took me so long to get them posted.

Famous Vintage GOBATS Batman-Themed Vespa Scooter Hits the Auction Block!

POW! ZAPP! Here's your chance to own the Vintage Custom GOBATS Batman-Themed Vespa Scooter!! Our friend, Paul Italiano, has decided it's time to sell his famous bike and we wanted to give all our readers here at the BAT-BLOG a heads-up on the situation.

OK, first off, this bike is located in Denver, Colorado and it's gonna be auctioned off by a well known company called SPORTIQUES SCOOTERS. Click their name for their official website or CLICK HERE to visit their Facebook Page. 

The asking price is gonna be around $12,500.00. They have not announced an official auction date yet and we will let everyone know as soon as we can. But my by best advice, if you're interesting in buying it, is to contact them before it goes online.

Here are some details on the scooter's custom parts:

P200 with electric start
Malossi 210 VSX Cylinder Kit 
Automatic choke and auto gas shut off
Wide rear tire kit
Formula gas cap
Bitubo rear shock
Bitubo front shock PK
Right side SIP expansion chamber exhaust
Disk break conversion, 20 MM spindle Grimeca chamber right and black
SIP sport seat
LED rotating tail light bulb

Braided break line

And here are just a few of the AWARDS it has received:

Best in Show 2003 MHM
Best Vespa 2004 heaven or Las Vegas
Best in Show 2004 (tie) Amerivespa Utah
Honorable Mention Amerivespa Denver 2005
Best Custom 2005 MHM
Best Paint Job 2008 MHM
Best Custom 2009 MHM
Best Vintage Custom 2010 MHM
Best Custom 2012 MHM
Feature Red Eyes, Whitewalls and Blue Smoke
Featured in Scootering Magazine, Feb 2004 - edition 212
Red Carpet, The Dark Knight Rises, first paid showing in US 
July 20, 2012

Featured at Denver Comic Con 2013, 2014, & 2015

Please check out these photos down below for some of the fun detailing this classic scooter has, they're so beautiful they make me cry, ha!

March 27, 2016

Funny #BATMAN MEME PHOTOS To Share With Your Friends!

Here's a nice random assortment of interesting "Batman" Memes I have come across lately. Some of them are quite hilarious but I really love the one with Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck. It's kinda fun to see them together!

Also, Please feel free to share these on your favorite social media. Yeah, we're talkin' places like TWITTER or FACEBOOK! You can also find the Bat-Blog at these sites and we want to invite everybody to join us, thanks!

GREEK #BATMAN V SUPERMAN Movie Advertisement Spotted in Greece!

A friend of the Bat-Blog, over at our FACEBOOK page, was kind enough to send us this picture showing a "Greek" ad for the new BATMAN V SUPERMAN movie in Greece. I love unusual "foreign language" stuff so this is kinda fun to see!

New Kellogg's JUSTICE LEAGUE Pop Tarts at Wal-Mart! #Batman

Some Batman Collectors might wanna add this item to their collections. Right now, at Wal-Mart, they have an exclusive edition of JUSTICE LEAGUE "Printed Fun" Pop Tarts. The graphics on the box are pretty cool!

MMMmmm, Strawberry.

The NEW #LEGO #BATMAN Batcave Teaser Movie Trailer

Warner Bros just released this recent movie trailer for the NEW LEGO BATMAN Movie. It looks like he is getting his own film (again). Look for it to hit screens in 2007.

DC Comics #Batman: HARLEY QUINN Explained #BTAS

As a huge fan of "Batman: The Animated Series" I have always loved Harley Quinn. This character was actually invented in the cartoon first and then later became a fixture of the "comic book world", 

She is also about to be depicted in a new live-action movie, Suicide Squad, which I think is going to introduce her into a larger mass audience who is sort of unfamiliar with her origins. 

So, this is the reason I chose to feature this "character history" video from Comic Explained. It gives a nice intro to her... Enjoy!

March 19, 2016

#BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE Movie Billboards Spotted in Times Square!! #NYC #NY

Here are some photos I came across the other night showing a few super-huge advertising billboards in Times Square (NYC, NY) that are promoting the new BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE movie! 

Oh man, they look SO AWESOME!!