July 5, 2015

Justice League #BATMAN OREO COOKIES Show-Up in Mexico!!

Here's some "Batman Collector news" that I am actually super-excited about! Right now, in Mexico, Nabisco is selling "BATMAN OREOS"!! Yes, Chocolate Cookies with the Batman Logo on them! It also looks like they come with some FREE STICKERS so that's kinda neat.

They come in a double-sided box (one side meant for displaying horizontally, the other, a "vertical" design). I totally love the graphics on here and I seriously want a few boxes of these. They're crazy-cool! If someone in Mexico could help me out then please let me know, thanks!!

Whoops, oh yeah, a special THANK YOU goes out to a friend of ours named Diego. He is a fan over at the BAT-BLOG FACEBOOK page where he shared these wonderful photos. Gracias Diego!

New DC Comics' #BATGIRL Merchandise Shows Up at Target Stores!

Most Batman Fans also love Batgirl so here's a quick post to share some photos of a few brand-new pieces of  "Batgirl" merchandise from DC Comics that was seen recently at a TARGET store. 

Side note: They also have some new Batman and Superman items like this.

#BATMAN RETURNS - Skull Cycle Riders Appear on HBO's SILICON VALLEY!

OK, This is some ultra-obscure "Batman News" but it's also super-wacky fun so, here we go. Ha ha!

Now, do you remember the scenes in the 1992 BATMAN RETURNS movie where there was a group of wacky villains called "The Red Triangle Circus Gang"? 

They were a gang of crazy circus performers who terrorized Gotham City. Some of the members wore "Evil Skeleton Creature" costumes and were known as the "Skull Cycle Riders". 

Well, the original movie props used in the film have recently popped-up in a new episode of HBO's SILICON VALLEY. Don't believe me? Check out these TV screenshots captured by our friend Jeff Englund!

#BATMAN Inspired Makeup Tutorial Video

For all you Female Batman Fans out there here is an ultra-sexy, Batman-inspired, makeup look for you that features deep purples and rich golds, as well as a black mask for crime fighting! A perfect look for both work and play!

July 4, 2015

New DC COMICS SUPERHEROES Fast Food Character Glasses From Europe! #Batman

Here's some great news for friends living on the other side of the globe but kinda crappy for us who live in the United States, ha ha! In Europe (Belgium, France, etc...) they have a Fast Food Restaurant Chain called "QUICK!".

Basically, it's a hamburger place and right now they are offering DC Comics' Superhero Meals that come with some extremely awesome promo character glasses! Shown here is an actual photo of the "Batman" Glass (Thank you Salvatore!).

Yes, you read that right, promo glasses! I grew-up with these things in the 1970's and restaurants here in the US have stopped offering these a long time ago (lawsuits probably). But it's extremely cool that all our friends overseas will get to enjoy these! 

The complete set includes the Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman. Click on the photo down below for a larger, sharper, photo:

One last thing, check out this awesome TV Commercial airing over there right now!! Also, a special "Thank You" goes out to a good friend named Thierry who helped me with the official QUICK website!

First Look at the New 1966 #BATMAN TV Series #BATGIRL Statue Maquette by #TweeterHead!

A Quote from Yvonne Craig!
"This is probably one of the most stunning pieces of artwork I have seen in a long time, and the attention to detail is absolutely outstanding". Yvonne Craig/Batgirl"

This new BATGIRL Signature Series Maquette Statue (Yvonne Craig variation) is available for pre-order right now and it's totally torturing me that I'm wayyy too broke to buy it, ha ha!  It is 1/6th scale (13 inches tall on her base) and was sculpted by Trevor Grove. It's made by the Tweeterhead company and they are offering two versions.

Version #1 includes The Batgirl Maquette with the Batty Award and lithograph of the 1960's concept art of Batgirl's secret door. Version #1 will retail for $249.99.

Version #2 includes everything above and a certificate signed by Batgirl herself, Yvonne Craig. Version #2 will retail for $279.99.

Batgirl's Batty Award (from the episode "Catwoman's Dressed to Kill") and lithograph are only available as a tweeterhead exclusive.

Like the rest of their 1966 Batman TV Series Maquette line, this will be a numbered limited edition. For more information just CLICK HERE!


On a personal level, in the last couple of years, I have become obsessed with listening to podcasts (WTF with Marc Maron is one of my favorites). This new media is pretty fun and one thing I really like about it is that it's very niche-oriented, meaning, that you can find ones that relate to very specific topics you enjoy (Comedy, Cooking, Tech News, etc...). 

So, I was pretty happy the other day to stumble across one that is totally devoted to the 1990's BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES!

It's created by a guy named Justin Michael who lives in Los Angeles. In each episode of the podcast he focuses on an actual episode of the cartoon and he has a special guest along with him who was a part of it. 

It's a cool concept and he has had Paul Dini, Seth Green, Andrea Romano, and many others (way too many to list). Here's a nice sample down below, check 'em out!!

Check Out These New #BATMAN Justice League PVC Figures by Schleich

Schleich™ is a German producer of toy figurines and accessories headquartered in Germany. The traditional market for Schleich products is Mainland Europe, with half their sales in Germany. But, they do import these toys to the United States and you can find them at places like Wal-Mart and Toys R Us.

Their main focus is creating very life-like reproductions of natural animals from our world. They also make figures with a "Fantasy/Dragons" theme, Realistic-looking Dinosaurs, and even Smurfs.  So, it's kinda strange (but very cool) that they are now going to be coming out with a whole new line of DC Comics' JUSTICE LEAGUE figures. I don't have an exact release date on these yet but I'm sure you can find them pretty soon so keep an eye out.

Shown here are some of the Batman ones, at least 3 different poses, but the line will also include Superman, Green Lantern, The Flash, etc... Then, down below, is a photo showing a special boxed set titled, "BATMAN VS JOKER"... very cool!


WOW! It looks like the current Entertainment Weekly has a special BATMAN V SUPERMAN cover and we get a rare look at the Actress playing Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot. We also get to see Ben Affleck as Batman and Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel. There is also this wonderful photo showing the Bat-Signal in Gotham City.

June 30, 2015


Did all these photos make you cry like a Little Girl? Ha Ha! This is a Custom "Batman Batmobile" Chopper Motorcycle created by Game Over Cycles, who are located in Poland. Yes, Poland! They went totally crazy when they invented this bike. I mean, the photos speak for themselves, check 'em out!!

More Basic Technical Information:

- Audi 3.7l V8, 230 km
- Automatic transmission
- Rear tires 295/40 / R20, front 220/40/18
- Electronic display - DAKOTA
- Width 2.08m
- Length 4,45m
- Height 1.35 m
- Wheelbase 3.20 m
- Handlebar 1,10m

You can find them on FACEBOOK or visit their OFFICIAL WEBSITE here!