August 16, 2014

HOT TOYS - BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure

“You’re not safe here. No one is.” Batman: Arkham City has been a very popular video game among fans since its debut. The narrative, character, world designs, and game play have all contributed to the game’s success. Many Batman fans have been craving for the collectible figure from the video game since the release of Hot Toys’ teaser photos. 

As a celebration for Batman’s 75th anniversary, HOT TOYS is pleased to officially introduce the BATMAN ARKHAM CITY 1/6th scale "Batman" Collectible Figure. 

This figure is specially crafted based on the image of Batman from the game featuring a newly developed masked head sculpt with 2 interchangeable lower faces, newly sculpted muscular body and Batsuit, and detailed weapons. I mean, just check out all the photos we got from them!

THE JOKER and HARLEY QUINN COSPLAY - #Batman Comic Book Art Tributes!

OK, I'll say it right now. This guy, Anthony, is my totally complete FAVORITE JOKERS out of all the Cosplayers who are doing variations of the character. I just think that Anthony is one of the best because his costume, hair, and make-up are all so extremely well done. He goes by the name, "Harley's Joker".

Shown here are 2 examples of his photography and they are both homages to some extremely iconic images of the character. I know you will recognize the 1st image as the cover to Brian Bolland's classic graphic novel, Batman: The Killing Joke. I mean, it's DEAD-ON!

I have included some examples of the original images so you can see how close they replicate the source material:

Then, down below is another photo. This one is a take on a very famous image of the Joker and his Girlfriend, Harley Quinn, as painted by Alex Ross. You know the image. Well, check out their version!

The girl in the image is Anthony's actual girlfriend in real-life. She's a serious Cosplayer too and goes by the name of "Joker's Harley". 

One last thing I'd like to mention. You can get both of these images as art prints and 11 X 17 posters from their official website, the JOKER EMPORIUM

Also, You can find both of them by visiting their Facebook Fan Pages, just CLICK HERE for Joker and HERE for Harley.

DAVE & ADAM'S CARD WORLD Has Acquired the Highest-Graded Copy of Detective Comics #27

Alongside the 75th anniversary of Batman, Dave & Adam's Card World has acquired the highest ever graded copy of Detective Comics #27. As you know, this features the first appearance of "the Bat-Man". To commemorate the anniversary, they created a Batman Comic timeline (which you can view on their website) and have brought the comic book to the San Diego Comic-Con where attendees can view this amazing piece of bat-history in person.

According to the CGC census , there have only been 59 of these comics still in existence. Of the 59 comics, this is the highest graded issue ever with a grading of 9.4 (near mint) restored (A-3). To date, the other highest grades have been 9.2 (near mint -) and one 9.0 (very fine/near mint), with no other issues in mint to near mint condition.

Previous record sales of this comic included sales of $1,075,000 (CGC grade of 8.0) & 657,250 (CGC grade of 7.5) and $575,000 (CGC grade of 6.0) in 2010. Additionally, last year another Detective Comics #27 (CGC grade of 6.5) sold for $567,625. 

For more information just CLICK HERE!

( Thanks Amanda! )

BATMAN DAY 75th Anniversary Celebration in North Carolina!

Take a look at the festivities for "Batman Day!" Held at the Union West Library in Indian Trail, North Carolina! Our Buddy Al Bigley was there dressed-up as "Batman, the Adam West version" (up above). 

There were other Cosplayers as well. Plus, it looks like they also had an awesome display of Batman Toys, Comics, and Collectibles. Please be sure to check out the fun video down below!

( Thanks Al )

BATMAN FANS Get Serious in Romagnolo, Italy!!

One of the things I love about doing the Bat-Blog is that sometimes I get the chance to meet other Batman Fans from all over the world. I mean, not just the USA, but other countries too. Well, here are some major Bat-Fans from Italy!

Now, I'm not even gonna try to get all their names correct. I don't speak/understand the Italian language and I'm worried about spelling their names correctly. But the pictures should speak for themselves and they're also a lot of fun!

It looks like these people are a group of Cosplayers who enjoy being Batman characters. We have Batman, Catwoman, and the Joker as a few examples. They were even in their local newspaper! It also looks like they have a Custom Batmobile,  Bat-Scooter, and even a real-life BAT-CAT!

( Thanks Luka! )

August 12, 2014

New Photo of BEN AFFLECK Seen as Bruce Wayne During Filming of #BATMAN V SUPERMAN Movie

Here's  quick post to share this latest photo of BEN AFFLECK as Bruce Wayne on the movie set of BATMAN V SUPERMAN, THE DAWN OF JUSTICE. Speculation says that he is on "the streets of Metropolis". Cool!

Also, here's another pic that has been out awhile but I just seen it and I'm sharing it for those who haven't seen it yet too. I should also mention that it might be fake as I have not been able to confirm it yet. But anyway, it shows a huge billboard in Times Square with a GIANT-SIZE TIME Magazine Cover with Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne (Click on it, it's HUGE).

As a side note we should mention that the release date for this film has been moved up to March 25th, 2016. I have not totally confirmed this with Warner Bros, but a ton of other blogs recently reported this so I'm kinda going with it.

Brand-New #BATMAN Sprükits Model Kits Spotted in Canada!

Check out these fun pics from our buddy PAUL who lives in Montréal. He just picked-up these super-cool brand-new BATMAN Toys at a Toys-R-Us in Canada. They're called, "Sprükits" (designed in Japan) and they're plastic model kits that are also poseable!

The smaller kits are listed as a level 1. Other figures in that scale include the Joker and a 52 Superman (You can see them on the back of the box in the photo down below).  Two versions of Batman are available: A supposed Jim Lee, and a TDKR.  

The larger kits are listed as level 2. There is also a Man of Steel Superman in that scale. Two versions of Batman available: A TDKR and an Arkham City Batman. 

(Thanks Paul, you ROCK, Sir!)

THE BATMAN Was Recently Spotted in Normandy, France!

Here at the BAT-BLOG we have a dear friend named Stephane who was kind enough to share this wonderful photo with us. She lives in France and one day, when she had gone to an outdoor event, she stumbled upon this amazing BATMAN Carnival Ride Figure!

Yes, this was seen just the other day in Normandy, France. It was a total surprise to her and my favorite thing is that she thought of the Bat-Blog. How cool is that?!

(Thanks Stephane!)

Nigel's Custom #BATMAN 1949 Movie Serial #MEGO Action Figure

Check out this incredible custom figure created by a friend of ours named Nigel. He sent us this photo of a recent BATMAN Mego Doll he made and it looks exactly like the way this character looked in the 1949 Movie Serials, AWESOME! Here's a photo down below for reference. He nailed it!

(Thanks Nigel)


Oh man, "Batman Tattoo" pics have been flooding in lately and I love and appreciate all of them, thanks everyone and they will all be posted eventually. For now, let's enjoy this one from a friend named Craig. 

He wanted to share his new "Batman Bat-Symbol Logo" Tattoo and it's amazing! The line art is deep black and sharp too.. very well done. OUCH! You know a bat-tat this BIG had to hurt, ha! (Thanks Craig)