July 26, 2014

BATMAN: ASSAULT ON ARKHAM - Video Showing Opening Scene and Trailer

The first 98 seconds of the DC animated movie "Batman: Assault on Arkham" featuring the voices of Matthew Gray Gubler (Criminal Minds) as the Riddler, and CCH Pounder (E.R., The Shield, Warehouse 13) as Amanda Waller. BATMAN: ASSAULT ON ARKHAM had its World Premiere on Friday, July 25th at thhe San Diego Comic-Con International. 

Produced by DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation, the next entry in the DC Universe Original Movie series will be released by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment on Digital HD on July 29, and on Blu-ray Combo Pack on August 12th.

Oh, in case anyone missed it, here's the Official Movie Trailer:

Twitterhead's 1966 BATMAN TV “Signature Series” Maquette Statue Revealed at SDCC by Adam West!

One of the many "Batman" events that have happened at this year's San Diego Comic Con so far to tie-in with the 75th Anniversary of the character is the announcement, by both the Actor Adam West and the Twitterhead Company, that they will be adding a Classic 1966 Batman Maquette Statue to their Batman “Signature Series” line of products!

Yes, they have made a beautiful Julie Newmar Catwoman (all ready out, if you have not seen it, CLICK HERE) and here's one of Adam West, sweet!

The Suggested Retail Price will be around $299.99. It will be 1/6th Scale(12.5 inches tall) and due around December, 2014.

Extremely Limited Production:

Includes a Hand Numbered Backstamp (edition size TBD)
Includes a Special Certificate Autographed by Mr Adam West
Batman comes with ½ of the Batcomputer (Robin will include the second half)

Sculpted by: Trevor Grove
Paint Master: David Fisher

Concept Art: Joe Allard/Design Devil

For ordering information just CLICK HERE!

Oh yeah, before I forget, here's a photo showing Adam West at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con presenting the statue in the Twitterhead Booth!!

Classic 1966 BATMAN TV Series - Updates on Brand-New Items Coming Out!

There are so many damn new products coming out for the Classic 1966 BATMAN TV Series that it's almost impossible to keep up with them all. But a ton of it is really great stuff so let's get busy.

First up is a picture we're really proud of. Our good friend, the Illustrator/Designer known as Christopher Franchi, will be submitting some artwork for the Twitterhead Company. They're the people making these kick-ass statues. 

So far they have come out with Catwoman and at the recent San Diego Comic Con (2014 SDCC) Adam West revealed the "Batman Statue". Well, I guess they'll also be coming out with a Batgirl one because RIGHT HERE is the production art they have commissioned Franchi to do. Awesome!

Oh yeah, in a post we did a long time ago we mentioned the 1966 Bat-Cowl that Mattel has plans to release. Well, here's a better photo of the actual product! Oh man, it looks so sweet! I hear it's gonna retail for around 100 bucks, that's not too bad.

One last thing. You know those '66 BATMAN Art Busts they have been making? So far they have had Batman, Robin, and we have seen pics of the Joker. Well, here's a new one coming out later, Frank Gorshin's THE RIDDLER!

Francisco's VINTAGE BATMAN MOVIE Batmobile Car Adventure!

Here's a fun photo sent to us by a Batman Fan living in Argentina. His name is Francisco and you can see him in this vintage photo ©1990 where, at some local event, he got to meet Batman AND see the Batmobile!

Awesome!!!! ( Francisco, Thank you for sharing this wonderful pic. )

BATMAN V. SUPERMAN Movie News - BEN AFFLECK BAT-SUIT Cape and Cowl Revealed!

OK, the San Diego Comic Con is going strong this weekend and I'm stuck at home... in Oklahoma! But luckily we live in the age of the Internet so we don't miss everything completely. Like, check out all these cool photos of the 2015 "Batman V Superman" Movie Bat-Suit and Cowl that have surfaced.

Down below is a photo, that I think is photoshop for sure, but it gives us an idea of what the Bat-Suit MIGHT look like.... maybe???

July 21, 2014

BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY - Sneak-Peek of New HOT TOYS Figure To Debut at 2014 TOY FAIR.

OK, about 2 hours ago HOT TOYS announced that they will be showcasing a brand-new Batman Figure at the next 2014 TOY FAIR. This time around they're going with a "BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY" theme... AWESOME! 

For right now, this teaser photo is all they have put out. But, remember, please stay tuned to the BAT-BLOG because in the near future we will have some amazing HD photos of this brand-new toy.

New 2014 BATMAN AND JOKER Products To Drive Collectors Crazy! #Batman75

This post is just a quick announcement of some brand-new Batman-related products that will be coming out soon that ALL Batman Collectors are gonna want to keep an eye out for. First up is this really fun set of Halloween Candy Bowl Holders. Looks like they're making 2 of them so far, Batman and the Joker ( Hey, are those Skittles™ Candy?). 

THE JOKER one is coming out in September, 2014 and BATMAN will arrive around August. Oh yeah, they're gonna have a retail price of about $32.99 each.

Next up is this extremely cool "DC Batman VRUM Ride-On Toy Box" made by Wicked Cool Toys. The 3-in-1 feature means you can ride it, pull it, and take it with you. It looks like the Caped Crusader and includes a dual-purpose strap for pulling or carrying. Comes out in August, 2014 and will retail for about $49.99.

OK, all the stuff shown up above is BRAND-NEW to the BAT-BLOG, but here are 2 items we mentioned in earlier posts, it's just that we got some fresh photos of the products which are way better. So, here we go!

In our previous post about these new "Batman Full-Size Scalers 3 1/2-Inch Mini-Figure Set" by NECA we just had a pic of the packaging. Here's a photo showing the fun details of the actual "figures". These things are for decorating the cables and wires in your life. Look for them around October, 2014. Retail: $14.99.

Then, oh my god! Here's a really great pic showing what that "25 Piece Accessory Kit" for the Classic 1966 BATMAN TV Series Figures is gonna have! I totally love the BAT-ZOOKA! Plus, it's fun that they made the BOMB, ha! (Click on it for a larger version).

BATMAN FAN? Artist? Let's Celebrate Your Bat-Creativity!

OK, the title to this post is kinda corny but I just woke-up and can't think of anything super clever right now (only on 2nd cup of coffee). 

But anyway, this post is meant to celebrate Artists and other Creative People who are "Batman Fans" and who have also become inspired to make art.

First, up above, is a random photo I came across on the Interwebs. It's a totally insane BATMAN IN GOTHAM CITY Birthday Cake! I mean, WOW! They even created a "backdrop" for it, ha!

Next up is this very cool "Batman: The Animated Series TWO-FACE CHAIR! This was made by our friend, Felix Eichholz. We all think you did an awesome job on it Dude! ( Thanks Felix )

Then, check out this Custom-Made BATMOBILE Golf Cart, it's crazy! Of course this is the Tumbler Batmobile from the recent DARK KNIGHT movie trilogy. I love the detailing on this thing, very cool!

THE MARK OF BATMAN - The Evolution of an Icon #Batman75 Infographic

Here's one of those cool "Infographic" images made to inadvertently advertise a company by using the popularity of a character or brand. They know because people love "Batman" it will get attention, it will get shared like crazy, and then they're like, "Oh my goodness... is our URL on the bottom of this graphic???" hee hee! Basically, it's for the website of HalloweenCostumes.com

OK, now that I have vented my bitterness about "modern uses of propaganda" let's just enjoy the graphic. It's pretty cool! It shows the evolution of the Batman Chest Emblem over the years and the artwork is really nice, very crisp & clean-looking.

Which one is your favorite? 

JULY 26th - BATMAN '66 Writer GABE SORIA Will Be Signing at More Fun Comics in New Orleans, LA

Just a quick heads-up to our friends living near New Orleans, LA. Gabe Soria, Author of the 'Life Sucks' Graphic Novel, Batman Adventures and the upcoming Batman 66 #13 will be signing copies at More Fun Comics on Saturday, July 26th, 2014 from NOON to 5:00pm.

For more info check this out:

More Fun Comics
8200 Oak Street
New Orleans, LA  70118
(504) 865-1800