November 9, 2006

LARGE 1966 Batman & Robin Photographs For Sale Online

My friend Steve recently bought 2 really LARGE 1966 BATMAN TV SHOW Art Print / Color Photographs online that he can't stop gushing about! In fact, I think I'm gonna get one for myself. He was telling me about how big they are & said the quality is aweome! He got the BIG one with a picture of Adam West & Burt Ward in close-up that I really like. The other one is with Batman ( Adam West ) riding the 1960's version Bat-Cycle Motorcycle & I like that one too, hard to decide. The place that sells them also has 1966 TV versions of Joker ( Cesar Romero ), Catwoman ( Julie Newmar ), Riddler ( Frank Gorshin ), etc... There's so many cool 60's ones that I can't decide which one I want. They also have some newer posters of the new movies like Batman Begins. Maybe I should start hinting to Santa Claus, ha ha! Click the LINK below to check them out! Buy Batman posters and prints at

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