November 29, 2006


Remember, every Wednesday is Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday here at the olde BAT-BLOG! Today here's 2 really cool Batman Wallpapers from the BRAND-NEW video game ( X-Box, PC, & Playstation 2 PS2 ) titled JUSTICE LEAGUE HEROES! I can't wait to play this game & BE THE DARK KNIGHT! I've only heard really super-great things about it & wanna play! ( Click the above pictures for larger photos ). If you want other FREE Batman Desktop Wallpaper Backgrounds then be sure to CHECK OUT THE BAT-BLOG WALLPAPER PAGE. There are alot of image designs ( Batman Logo, Batgirl, Joker, Bat-Symbol Signal, Batmobile, Robin & the Dark Knight, even Vintage Toys ) you can use on your MySpace Layout or just to brighten your computer's desktop! The button for the BAT-BLOG Free Batman Wallpaper Backgrounds Page is on the top right-hand side of this BatBlog ( you might have to go to the main page )!5

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ozz said...

That's a cool drawing of the Batman.