November 18, 2006

1966 TV Show WAYNE MANOR MANSION Google Earth

Here's a really neat picture if you're a totally super-serious Batman Fan, ha ha! This is a real "Google Earth" photo of the real-life house they used for the scenes in the 1966 Batman TV Show of the stately Wayne Manor. The interior shots were faked on a closed set but the shots they used of the "outside" of the house were this actual home. I got this photo from the 66 BATMAN Message Boards where someone used Google Earth to pinpoint the exact location & took a photo...kinda scary we have this technology huh? I used it once to do my house & the details were insane! It really makes ya think, if we "regular people" have this technology then what does the government have? Hmmm? Excuse me, there's a knock at the door.

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