November 21, 2006


OK, as Loyal BAT-BLOG Readers know ( from previous posts ) I love ART in all forms: fine art, painting, comic book art, cartoons, commercial art, you name's all good! The other day I was surfing around MySpace & by accident found this artist who does very serious work but, for fun or personal pleasure, he made a large Batman Sculpture I'm showing here. His name is ENRICO. Isn't this piece too cool! Now I don't have any details right now but will be sharing them later. I contacted the guy & he said this photo was showing it unfinished & when he's done with it later he will send us a newer photo just for the BAT-BLOG! WOW, the thing looks pretty cool already ( I thought it was already completed, LOL ) so I'm not sure what he's gonna do unless he's gonna add color or more details. We will all have to wait & see the final piece but I like it already! The detailing is awesome, for example, look at the utility belt & chest logo. I also like how the mask/cowl looks like an actual "thing" that is "on a human face"....nice nod to reality there. I hope to be showing more work by this guy. At least a photo of this puppy when it's finished. One last thing, you can click the small picture up above for a larger photo. Be sure to check the BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES for more Batman Inspired Art!

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ozz said...

Has there been a finished photo anywhere on the Bat-blog yet? I've come through the archives pretty far, but I don't remember seeing one.