November 11, 2006

ACE OF DETECTIVES New Batman Radio Show!

Recently I discovered this very cool vintage-style radio show called BATMAN : ACE OF DETECTIVES. Basically it's alot like those old radio shows you could listen to in the 1940's, like Little Orphan Annie or Superman, but it's completely NEW! When you listen to it there's sound effects ( creaking door, car engine starting, that kinda thing )& even great background music that really brings it to life. This is a lost ART! Also, the voices are extremely well done. The voice actors are top-notch & I really like the people who play Batman & Alfred. Actually ALL the voices are good & the storyline is interesting. I think they have about 9 or 10 episodes so far & they're well worth listening to. You can hear them at their website or do what I do. I download the MP3 & listen to them while working. You can find a LINK BUTTON at the BAT-BLOG LINKS area, the button for LINKS is on the top right-hand side of this batblog.

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ozz said...

Interesting. I'll have to check this out.