November 14, 2006


Here's a very cool Batman-related photo sent in by a loyal BAT-BLOG reader named Dave. He says, " I went to my local TOYS-R-US last week to see what new Bat-items they had & when I turned the isle BBAAAMMM! This life-size full-figure statue of BATMAN THE DARK KNGIHT was right there...My small son nearly freaked out!!". HA HA, I bet that was a surprise. The statue was made by LEGO to advertise their new line of Batman Lego Toys & is made completely out of real Legos!! Wow, that thing must weigh a ton, ha ha. Thanx so much for sending in this wonderful photo Dave. I know the readers are gonna love it & I hope your son is ok! If anyone has some cool pix to share then please feel free to send them! Be sure to check the BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES for many more Dark Knight toy photos including Lego, Corgi, Mego, Ideal, Marx, etc..

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