November 30, 2006

BATGIRL & BATMAN American Library PSA Posters

You know when you visit the library & you see those PSA posters of someone famous reading a book with the message "OPEN YOUR MIND, READ A BOOK TODAY". It's usually a sports star like Tiger Woods or a musician like Sting or Bono. Well, the company that makes them made two of 'em with DC Comics characters we all love...Batman & Batgirl ( Barbara Gordon ). The really weird thing is the company is based in Canada. Also, ya know how the Air Force pays $500 for a hammer because it's a government thing? Well, the same is almost true about these posters. OK, they are not $500 but they are really pricey! I was gonna buy one of these but I just can't justify $18.50 for a poster. That's a shame because I really like the graphic art & love the message about READING IS FUN. You can check them out, plus others, at


Anonymous said...

You can get the same posters for $13 apiece directly from the American Library Association's online store at
You can also get 100 bookmarks with the same picture for $7.50 from the same place. I don't know how much shipping is though.
Just thought I'd pass that along!


ozz said...

I've seen the Batgirl poster at a library in Bay City, MI. I haven't seen the Batman poster, but I've got a few of the Batman bookmarks (same art).