November 30, 2006

HELLO KITTY BATMAN The Dark Knight is Now Cute!

Here's a very cool graphic sent to me by a friend at MySpace. He's an awesome graphic artist & he really made this...WOW! He seriously has alot of talent! This is The Dark Knight if he were a HELLO KITTY character! I love the shading & 3-D effect this picture has, it looks very "real". Looks like some kind of robot-toy too...awesome! Anyways, I thought this pic would be kinda funny to post. Plus, for those of you who appreciate good art or design, y'all will really love it! Yes, it is so cute, yes it is....who's the cute Hello Kitty, you are, yes you are!


Anonymous said...

wow i am soo excited b/c i love hello kitty and batman and i plan on getting a tat of hello kitty as batman and this is amazing now i can kinda see what i am wanting so cool!

ozz said...