May 31, 2008

New Batman COMIC BOOK BATMOBILE 1:50 Scale by Hot Wheels!

Out in stores right now but extremely hard-to-find is this brand-new COMIC BOOK BATMOBILE Car by Hot Wheels. It's 1:50th Scale so if you remember the old Corgi Cars it's about that size. I love that they used the modern day comic book logo for the header card. Actually, I still need this one for my collection. I also need the Dark Knight TUMBLER Car too. In 20+ years of collecting I have learned to be patient & it will pop-up. They have these at Amazon for $7.99 which is only about a dollar more than regular retail. The savings in gas cost alone makes it worth it, I might get it there.


HA HA, made you look! I got this funny photo from a Bat-Blog Reader the other day & laughed so hard that I nearly shot coffee out of my nose! The title to the e-mail said "Brand New DARK KNIGHT Movie Trailer" & I got extremely excited! I thought, "WOW, a new trailer, this is awesome!". So, I wanna thank Jeff for sending me this hilarious got me! I hope that by posting it here I fooled some of you too, ha ha ha ha!

NEW BATMAN TOYS: Carrera GO ( 1:43 Scale ) Slot Car Racing Set

I already have way too many "collecting hobbies" that I can barely afford or else I would start to collect slot cars, ha ha. I have always thought they are pretty cool. Here's a nice example. In Germany there's a classic slot car toy company called CARRERA who specializes in high-quality slot car sets. The cars they make are extremely well-detailed. Later this year, around June or July, they're gonna release the Carrera GO (1:43 Scale) Batman "Hyperdrive Batmobile" & Joker-Mobile Slot Car Racing Set! The photos up above show the actual boxed race car set & then the 2 cars. ( In Germany they call the Batman's car the "Batmobil", I like that ). You also get a ton of track & everything to make a complete race set. I am also posting a photo of the "Banester" slot car that is modeled after BANE, a Batman Villain. This car is NOT included in this set but was one I found during my research. If you would like to find out more about this classic slot car toy company then here's a link button to CARRERA down below. But, be sure to BOOKMARK the Bat-Blog before ya go!
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May 30, 2008


This morning I was very happily surprised to find this awesome photo in my e-mail. It's from a friend in Chicago, named Joe, who got a HUGE Batman Tattoo on his back recently. The photo shows the preliminary "black line stage". He wrote, "Again, from Patrick Cornolo of Speakeasy Custom Tattoo, I finally got a proper Batman tattoo in time for the new movie coming out! It's actually a work in progress, as I only got the line work completed and will get the coloring done later. The image came from DC Comics' Secret Origins title from the 1980s. To make it a little more personal, I had Patrick redesign the background based on our home base here in Chicago. I'll forward another picture when I get the tattoo in full color, same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!". WOW! Dude, it's HUGE! That must have hurt, ha ha! So far it looks really good & I know Patrick's work, so when it's done, it's gonna be totally awesome. He does great work. Thank you very much for sending the photo & I have included a link button so readers can see more of Patrick Cornolo's tattoo art work ( it's nice eye-candy ). One last thing, please remember to send that photo once it's done...we can't wait to see it!
CLICK HERE To visit the Official Patrick Cornolo Tattoo website!!

CLICK HERE For More Photos of Batman Tattoo Art Tattoos of The Dark Knight and Joker!


In New York City, on the northeast corner of Park Ave and 23rd Street, a massive advertisement for the new DARK KNIGHT Batman film is being created. In an almost paint-by-numbers fashion this HUGE mural is taking forever to be painted. It gives the "event" an anticipation that must be driving fast-paced New Yorkers nuts! I seriously love these huge painted murals on buildings. This one, so far, looks like a beautiful piece of ART! Of course we all know it as the image to one of the many movie posters we have been seeing recently but to have it this HUGE is kind of exciting! I wish I could see it in real-life. I bet it's great. I wanna thank our new friend Michael, from Desedo Films, for sending this information. He writes a clever blog for his company that seems to really be into advertising & creativity, that's cool. I've included a link button down below. There are 2 more shots of the mural in progress there.
CLICK HERE To visit the Official DESEDO website!!

May 29, 2008


Director Christopher Nolan talks to ReelzChannel about directing Heath Ledger (The Joker) and Christian Bale (Batman) in The Dark Knight movie.

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GOT MILK? The BODY BY MILK Ad Agency is doing another ad campaign this year with the Batman Movie, The Dark Knight. Christian Bale ( as Batman ) will be shown with the famous mustache that should be appearing in major magazines very soon! Now, we have some really great photos to share here! The 1st picture is actually a 1024 X 768 Desktop Wallpaper. ( There are other screen sizes at their website ).The 2nd pic is the actual advertisement. It reads, "Others reload. Batman refuels. Research suggests that milk’s unique mix of nutrients can help athletes recover after exercise. And its protein can help build muscle. So train hard and drink lowfat or fat-free milk, because the Batmobile isn't the only thing that needs to refuel." The 3rd graphic is from the Official BODY BY MILK website showing a special BATMAN COMIC BOOK CONTEST they have started. Enter the contest for a chance to actually be in a real Batman Strikes comic book!! Here's a link to check out their page & while you're there be sure to enter...I did!
CLICK HERE To visit the Official Dark Knight Batman BODY BY MILK Ad website!!

EMPIRE MAGAZINE Doing 2 Special THE DARK KNIGHT MOVIE Batman & Joker Covers!

For the July 2008 Issue of EMPIRE Magazine they will be releasing 2 special covers for The Dark Knight Batman Movie. One will feature a close-up shot of Christian Bale as Batman. The other will be Heath Ledger as The Joker! Look for these soon as I am sure they will sell out. Remember, you can click the above photo for a larger, more detailed, version.

BATMAN NIGHT! A Batman-Themed Party in New York City!!

After the success of HULK Night and KISS Night, THE SCI FI SCREENING ROOM is proud to present...BATMAN NIGHT! Wednesday June 4th @ 7:00 PM at the Theater Under St. Mark’s ( New York City, East Village ) 94 St. Mark’s Place, btw 1st Ave and Avenue A. ( L-train to 1st Ave, F/V to 2nd Ave, R-train to 8th St, 6 to Astor Place ). Just 7 bucks! Kevin Maher and Nick Nadel share bootleg Batman, fan films, the 1943 serial, the 1980s cereal, as well as some Superfriends clips, 1960s out-takes, and other Batman rareities. Plus a visit from Batman Strikes writer Matthew K. Manning. The evening will also include BAT-KUs (Batman Haikus), Bat-trivia, Bat-prizes and Plus an after-party at the Hanger Bar (217 E. Third Street) complete with Bat-cocktails and utility belt snacks. Come by, because if Nick drinks enough, he'll get up on the bar and do the Bat-Dance. So, if you live in the New York area, be sure to check it out & tell 'em that the Bat-Blog sent ya!!

May 28, 2008

The 2 New DARK KNIGHT Batman Movie International Banner Posters

Great, Another Omelete Exclusive! Here are 2 brand-new ( just released like 10 minutes ago, at the time of this writing ) International Movie Poster Banners of Batman on his Bat-Pod & Heath Ledger as the Joker for the DARK KNIGHT movie! The pics up above are kinda HUGE so be sure to click on them for larger, more detailed, photos! These are gonna be all over Europe very soon so if you live there keep an eye out! Here's a link to the Omelete website, check it out sometime.
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Since today is "Wacky Wallpapers Wednesday" at the Bat-Blog I thought I would post 2 FREE Desktop backgrounds that relate to Batman Vehicles. The 1st one is a detail action shot from one of the new THE DARK KNIGHT Batman Movie Posters. It features Batman on the Bat-Pod Motorcycle crashing through a window...very cool! The 2nd wallpaper is a wonderful original Vintage 1960's Family Photo sent in by a reader awhile back. It shows him & his cousin visiting the original 1966 Batman TV Show Batmobile. This must have been the GREATEST day of their lives, ha ha! I really love this picture & because it was so BIG I knew it had to be a background graphic!! We want to invite other Bat-Blog readers to send us cool pictures you would like to see as wallpapers.
CLICK HERE For More Batman Desktop Background Wallpaper of The Dark Knight!

Photo: Vintage 1960's Batman Carnival Ride Batmobile Car

I discovered this amazing Polaroid photo awhile back at a really neat & cool website called NEATO-COOLVILLE. It's a photo of a vintage 1960's carnival ride in the shape of the Batmobile with Batman has the driver...ha ha, nice! At that blog they usually cover many different aspects of Pop Culture but right now they seem to be obsessed with the Indiana Jones movies! Either way it's a great website with fun photos & good humor. Here's a link to check it out & please be sure to BOOKMARK the Bat-Blog before ya go!
CLICK HERE To visit the Official website!!

New ADAM WEST BUST Art Sculpture from Masked Avenger Studios

The Bat-Blog is proud to announce the ADAM WEST BUST designed by Wall Wingert & sculpted by former Disney Animator Ruben Procopio. This limited edition art sculpture of our favorite 1966 TV Show Batman will be released in the late fall of 2008 by Masked Avenger Studios. They're only gonna make 1000 of these with 100 of them being in the "Tweed Suit" version. The Display Box was designed by a friend of mine, named Scott Sebring, who also designed the website for this statue. Down below is a link button for more information & better photos. There's also a video of Wally unveiling the art piece on the Florence Henderson TV Show. Check it out!
CLICK HERE To visit the Official ADAM WEST BUST Art Sculpture website!!

May 26, 2008

THE DARK KNIGHT JOKER Parody Movie Poster!

Our friend "Robby", who writes a really great comic book blog called DIAL B FOR BLOG, posted this super-hilarious photo the other day & It's so freakin' awesome that I had to "totally steal it", ha ha ha! ( Click on the above graphic for a larger photo ). It's a parody of the new Dark Knight "Joker - Why So Serious" Movie Poster but he replaced Heath Ledger's character with The Joker from the 1966 Batman TV Show, Cesar Romero. As the original '66 Joker would say, "it's Delicious!" Here's a link to visit his cool website but please remember to BOOKMARK the Bat-Blog before ya go!
CLICK HERE To visit the DIAL B FOR BLOG Comic Book website!!

BATMAN TATTOO ART PHOTO: Giant Dark Knight Bat-Symbol Logo!

Hell Yeah, a new friend to the Bat-Blog named Will ( from Forney, Texas ) sent us this amazing photo of his recently done Batman Tattoo. It's on his back & the graphic is a Giant-Sized HUGE Bat-Symbol Logo from the current Batman Movies. Oh man, thanks Will. The picture is awesome & your tattoo is very well done, the art is nice & sharp! I love when people send in personal pics like this, that's great. You are a TRUE Batman-Fan!
CLICK HERE For More Photos of Batman Tattoo Art Tattoos of The Dark Knight and Joker!

ROBIN, THE BOY WONDER Desktop Wallpaper Background!

Here's a letter from a Bat-Blog Reader named Neal. He wrote,"It's cool and all that you devote so much of your site to Batman, but why so little on his trusted aide and fellow crime-fighter, Robin the Boy Wonder? Yeah, kid sidekicks as a rule stink, but Robin was the exception. Show more love for Aunt Harriet's favorite nephew, dagnabit!" Ha Ha, OK, Neal you're right! With all the recent events with The Dark Knight movie it does seem like all we care about is Batman but Robin is a great character also! I promise to focus a little more on other characters in the future and if you dig through the Bat-Blog ARCHIVES you'll see a ton of posts about the other characters. By the way, Great job on the artwork of the "Robin The Boy Wonder Wallpaper" you sent! It's really well-done so I posted it here ( Thank You ).
CLICK HERE For More Batman Desktop Wallpaper of The Dark Knight!

May 25, 2008

Video: 1966 BATMAN TV SHOW THEME SONG - Heavy Metal Style!

This is kinda funny but pretty creative also. Two guys do a HEAVY METAL version of the 1966 Batman TV Show Theme Song...CRANK UP YOUR SPEAKERS & ROCK OUT!!

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Funny Batman Photos!

Recently I saved a lot of pictures that were sent in by Bat-Blog Readers in the wrong folder. They were kinda lost for a little bit. Yes, I am a moron sometimes, ha ha! But, I found them! Here's a few sent in by a friend who has a great sense of humor. he said he found these all over the internet & wanted to share them because they're so funny. I gotta agree. These are great! Thanks for sending them & if any other Bat-Blog Readers find anything cool just shoot us an e-mail! Oh, just to clarify, the guy having to use a wheelchair is NOT funny but the creative "Bat-Chair" he made is. I also like that he's in costume, that's extremely cool. The chair is hilarious! Also, the 1st photo with the guy reading the "Batman Handbook" to learn how to be Batman...that's a really great book!!

May 24, 2008

Drew's CUSTOM BATMOBILE Batman Concept Car!

A new friend to the Bat-Blog, named Drew Kristoff, recently sent this cool picture he did of a "Batmobile Concept Car". He wrote, "I’ve been enjoying the Bat-Blog for about a month now and really enjoy it. I love all aspects of the Batman. I thought I’d send you an illustration I did. This is a concept of what an old 60’s early 70’s Chevrolet Chevelle might look like if it was made into a Batmobile". Wow! Thanks for sending the drawing Drew, you did a great job on it, it's actually super-freakin' awesome! Here at the Olde Bat-Blog we love getting artwork from Bat-Fans so if you, the reader, have any cool stuff to share then please send it today!

May 23, 2008

New Widget: BATMAN GOTHAM KNIGHT Batman DVD Movie!

Here's a brand-new widget made by Warner Bros to promote the soon-to-be-released BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHT DVD Movie! Please feel free to add this to your MySpage page layout, website, or blog! While you're at it go ahead & add a Bat-Blog Banner to your page. We have a ton of them at our MySpace page. Once there all you gotta do is copy the code & paste it, pretty easy! Here's a link to the Bat-Blog MySpage page. If you're not already a friend please send a "friend request", thank you!!
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Video: ROBIN MEADE Fron CNN TV NEWS With a Funny Batman Parody Song!

OK, it seems that some YouTube guy has a major crush on Robin Meade, the reporter on CNN's "Robin & Company", ha ha! I guess I gotta admit that she is pretty hot! The parody song is actually quite good, very funny, & has a country twang about it. If anybody knows who sang it please leave a comment down below.

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Some New THE DARK KNIGHT Merchandise To Look Out For!

This is just a quick post to show some of the new Batman Toys & Products that will be released soon for The Dark Knight movie. The 1st photo is a very cool Remote Control Tumbler Batmobile R/C Car. I know that this will be a very popular Christmas Gift this year! The 2nd item is a Dark Knight Coloring Book which is kinda weird because I don't think a lot of kids will be able to see the movie. The 3rd item is made by Mattel & is gonna be a large "Bat-Van" Transport Vehicle that opens up to show a play set inside. It looks like it comes with a mini-Tumbler Batmobile & Bat-Copter Helicopter. The last item is kinda neat for display because it's so large & has already been released in stores. It's a 36" Tall Inflatable Bop-Bag of Batman. ( I think they made a Joker one too ). If any Bat-Blog Readers see any new Batman Toys in the stores ( TDK-related or not ) please let us know & please send photos if you can!