May 23, 2008

Some New THE DARK KNIGHT Merchandise To Look Out For!

This is just a quick post to show some of the new Batman Toys & Products that will be released soon for The Dark Knight movie. The 1st photo is a very cool Remote Control Tumbler Batmobile R/C Car. I know that this will be a very popular Christmas Gift this year! The 2nd item is a Dark Knight Coloring Book which is kinda weird because I don't think a lot of kids will be able to see the movie. The 3rd item is made by Mattel & is gonna be a large "Bat-Van" Transport Vehicle that opens up to show a play set inside. It looks like it comes with a mini-Tumbler Batmobile & Bat-Copter Helicopter. The last item is kinda neat for display because it's so large & has already been released in stores. It's a 36" Tall Inflatable Bop-Bag of Batman. ( I think they made a Joker one too ). If any Bat-Blog Readers see any new Batman Toys in the stores ( TDK-related or not ) please let us know & please send photos if you can!

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