May 25, 2008

Funny Batman Photos!

Recently I saved a lot of pictures that were sent in by Bat-Blog Readers in the wrong folder. They were kinda lost for a little bit. Yes, I am a moron sometimes, ha ha! But, I found them! Here's a few sent in by a friend who has a great sense of humor. he said he found these all over the internet & wanted to share them because they're so funny. I gotta agree. These are great! Thanks for sending them & if any other Bat-Blog Readers find anything cool just shoot us an e-mail! Oh, just to clarify, the guy having to use a wheelchair is NOT funny but the creative "Bat-Chair" he made is. I also like that he's in costume, that's extremely cool. The chair is hilarious! Also, the 1st photo with the guy reading the "Batman Handbook" to learn how to be Batman...that's a really great book!!

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