May 28, 2008

New ADAM WEST BUST Art Sculpture from Masked Avenger Studios

The Bat-Blog is proud to announce the ADAM WEST BUST designed by Wall Wingert & sculpted by former Disney Animator Ruben Procopio. This limited edition art sculpture of our favorite 1966 TV Show Batman will be released in the late fall of 2008 by Masked Avenger Studios. They're only gonna make 1000 of these with 100 of them being in the "Tweed Suit" version. The Display Box was designed by a friend of mine, named Scott Sebring, who also designed the website for this statue. Down below is a link button for more information & better photos. There's also a video of Wally unveiling the art piece on the Florence Henderson TV Show. Check it out!
CLICK HERE To visit the Official ADAM WEST BUST Art Sculpture website!!


Neal Snow said...

Oh yeah. I'm definitely getting one of those. Too bad the head isn't hinged with a button underneath so I can replace my Shakespeare bust in the library.

dzstephens said...

How freakin' COOL is THAT?