May 26, 2008

ROBIN, THE BOY WONDER Desktop Wallpaper Background!

Here's a letter from a Bat-Blog Reader named Neal. He wrote,"It's cool and all that you devote so much of your site to Batman, but why so little on his trusted aide and fellow crime-fighter, Robin the Boy Wonder? Yeah, kid sidekicks as a rule stink, but Robin was the exception. Show more love for Aunt Harriet's favorite nephew, dagnabit!" Ha Ha, OK, Neal you're right! With all the recent events with The Dark Knight movie it does seem like all we care about is Batman but Robin is a great character also! I promise to focus a little more on other characters in the future and if you dig through the Bat-Blog ARCHIVES you'll see a ton of posts about the other characters. By the way, Great job on the artwork of the "Robin The Boy Wonder Wallpaper" you sent! It's really well-done so I posted it here ( Thank You ).
CLICK HERE For More Batman Desktop Wallpaper of The Dark Knight!

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