May 29, 2008

EMPIRE MAGAZINE Doing 2 Special THE DARK KNIGHT MOVIE Batman & Joker Covers!

For the July 2008 Issue of EMPIRE Magazine they will be releasing 2 special covers for The Dark Knight Batman Movie. One will feature a close-up shot of Christian Bale as Batman. The other will be Heath Ledger as The Joker! Look for these soon as I am sure they will sell out. Remember, you can click the above photo for a larger, more detailed, version.


Anonymous said...

What's up with Batman's NOSE in the picture on the cover?!? You would think the photog would notice that the rubber was distorted and out of place.

Contrast the nose of the mask in the magazine cover with the nose of the mask in the Body by Milk ad.

It makes it look like Batman is Jimmy Durante!

Anonymous said...

as much as i love and adore batman... i actually find the joker more sexy between these two photos