May 30, 2008


In New York City, on the northeast corner of Park Ave and 23rd Street, a massive advertisement for the new DARK KNIGHT Batman film is being created. In an almost paint-by-numbers fashion this HUGE mural is taking forever to be painted. It gives the "event" an anticipation that must be driving fast-paced New Yorkers nuts! I seriously love these huge painted murals on buildings. This one, so far, looks like a beautiful piece of ART! Of course we all know it as the image to one of the many movie posters we have been seeing recently but to have it this HUGE is kind of exciting! I wish I could see it in real-life. I bet it's great. I wanna thank our new friend Michael, from Desedo Films, for sending this information. He writes a clever blog for his company that seems to really be into advertising & creativity, that's cool. I've included a link button down below. There are 2 more shots of the mural in progress there.
CLICK HERE To visit the Official DESEDO website!!

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