May 29, 2008

BATMAN NIGHT! A Batman-Themed Party in New York City!!

After the success of HULK Night and KISS Night, THE SCI FI SCREENING ROOM is proud to present...BATMAN NIGHT! Wednesday June 4th @ 7:00 PM at the Theater Under St. Mark’s ( New York City, East Village ) 94 St. Mark’s Place, btw 1st Ave and Avenue A. ( L-train to 1st Ave, F/V to 2nd Ave, R-train to 8th St, 6 to Astor Place ). Just 7 bucks! Kevin Maher and Nick Nadel share bootleg Batman, fan films, the 1943 serial, the 1980s cereal, as well as some Superfriends clips, 1960s out-takes, and other Batman rareities. Plus a visit from Batman Strikes writer Matthew K. Manning. The evening will also include BAT-KUs (Batman Haikus), Bat-trivia, Bat-prizes and Plus an after-party at the Hanger Bar (217 E. Third Street) complete with Bat-cocktails and utility belt snacks. Come by, because if Nick drinks enough, he'll get up on the bar and do the Bat-Dance. So, if you live in the New York area, be sure to check it out & tell 'em that the Bat-Blog sent ya!!


dzstephens said...

I couldn't resist...I made a gif of Batman doing the Batdance...or is it the Watusi? Adam West has never had a flatter stomach than he does here!
Hope you enjoy! Please use it if you like it!

Howard said...

Hi Tommy,

Just a note to say thanks for posting about Batman Night. I checked it out and had a great time... I made sure to tell Kevin I heard about it from the Bat-blog and he was excited to hear it. He said you were really great about helping to get the word out and mentioned the artwork made for the event was terrific. Nothing but good things to say all around. Thanks again!


tomztoyz said...

DzStephens -
Thanks for the GIF, It's awesome!! You might not believe me but I made one too, ha ha. But, yours is better!

Howard -
Glad you made it to the party, that's very cool!
did you take any pics? if so, please sent them.

stay tuned to the bat-blog for many more events. I have about 3 or 4 lined up & they might be near you.

Thanks, Tommmmmy

Howard said...

Hi Tommy,

I didn't take any pics but Kevin was snapping some shots, maybe he could send you a few. I was waiting for an email from him but nothing so far. I stay tuned for any upcoming events as well.

Keep up the great work on your site... I'm going to dig up some old pics of my childhood days in some batman costumes for you soon!