May 31, 2008

New Batman COMIC BOOK BATMOBILE 1:50 Scale by Hot Wheels!

Out in stores right now but extremely hard-to-find is this brand-new COMIC BOOK BATMOBILE Car by Hot Wheels. It's 1:50th Scale so if you remember the old Corgi Cars it's about that size. I love that they used the modern day comic book logo for the header card. Actually, I still need this one for my collection. I also need the Dark Knight TUMBLER Car too. In 20+ years of collecting I have learned to be patient & it will pop-up. They have these at Amazon for $7.99 which is only about a dollar more than regular retail. The savings in gas cost alone makes it worth it, I might get it there.


chunky B said...

These are nice, so far I have just picked up the 1960's cycle!

The comic book and Tumbler are surprisingly hard to find, I've seen the rest but these two are never around!

Brian said...

It has been just the opposite for me. This is the only one that I have found. When I found it there were two and I debated on buying them both but the rack they were on said $11.00 and my wife was with me.
When I paid it only rang up as $6 so I should have gone back and got it because it was gone later in the day. Bummer!

Oh well at least I have one of them but I want the 60's one!!!!!

tomztoyz said...

They're gonna put more out. Just be patient...I still need the last 2 that chunkyb mentioned.