May 31, 2008

NEW BATMAN TOYS: Carrera GO ( 1:43 Scale ) Slot Car Racing Set

I already have way too many "collecting hobbies" that I can barely afford or else I would start to collect slot cars, ha ha. I have always thought they are pretty cool. Here's a nice example. In Germany there's a classic slot car toy company called CARRERA who specializes in high-quality slot car sets. The cars they make are extremely well-detailed. Later this year, around June or July, they're gonna release the Carrera GO (1:43 Scale) Batman "Hyperdrive Batmobile" & Joker-Mobile Slot Car Racing Set! The photos up above show the actual boxed race car set & then the 2 cars. ( In Germany they call the Batman's car the "Batmobil", I like that ). You also get a ton of track & everything to make a complete race set. I am also posting a photo of the "Banester" slot car that is modeled after BANE, a Batman Villain. This car is NOT included in this set but was one I found during my research. If you would like to find out more about this classic slot car toy company then here's a link button to CARRERA down below. But, be sure to BOOKMARK the Bat-Blog before ya go!
CLICK HERE To visit the Official US CARRERA Slot Car Toy Company website!!

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Bubbashelby said...

That is super groovy...but am I the only one who thinks...ummm...the..."nose" on the kinda looks like...something else! Yikes!