January 31, 2009

Video: BATMAN GETS PWNED Mortal Kombat vs The DC Universe

Here's a super-hilarious ( very funny ) Batman Parody Video that has become pretty popular with fans of the new Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe video game...check it out!
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January 30, 2009


Just a friendly reminder that BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD is on Cartoon Network tonight! The title of the show is "Journey To The Center of The Bat!"...sounds pretty cool! Here's a photo sent in by a Bat-Blog Reader showing B&B getting some press coverage in a magazine. ( Click it for a more readable version ). Tonight's episode will feature The Atom & Aquaman as the main guests. If you look down below, a few posts down, you'll see 2 really nice video clips from this episode...go check them out! Oh yeah, the TV Show is on at 8:00 pm, 7:00 Central.

Video - Batman: Arkham Asylum - BREAKOUT Video Game Trailer

A brand-new trailer for the BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM Video Game has just been released & it's the best one so far! It gives you a better idea of the plot & you get to hear both Batman & the Joker's voices a lot better too. Plus, the graphics look really great! Most Batman Fans are really excited that the voices are being played by Kevin Conroy ( Batman / Bruce Wayne ) & Mark Hamill ( The Joker ), the original actors from the Batman: The Animated Series cartoon...enjoy!

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January 29, 2009

BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM Video Game Desktop Wallpapers

Everybody is totally excited about the soon-to-be-released BATMAN: THE ARKHAM ASYLUM Video Game that's coming out soon by Eidos so I thought I would post these 2 Free Desktop Background Wallpapers. One of them features Killer Croc in all his awesomeness & the other has a cool visual of Joker, Batman's Bat-Suit Costume in detail, & the Batmobile Car. I'm totally drooling over this game & I really hope it turns out to be great, my fingers are crossed.
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GLU GAMES just released a free flash-based video game titled SUPERMAN BATMAN - HEROES UNITED. You can choose to play as either Superman with flight & heat vision, or as Batman with gadgets & martial arts skill. The graphics are pretty good & I tried the free online game ( it looks like a cel phone, ha ha ) & it's actually half way decent! Here's the link to check it out:
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Video Clips - Batman: The Brave and The Bold - “Journey to the Center of the Bat!”

In this week's Batman: The Brave and The Bold animated series episode Batman’s life hangs in the balance when he is poisoned by Chemo, who is under the control of the evil Brain. The Atom races to the rescue with Aquaman by shrinking down and entering Batman’s bloodstream. While Aquaman and the Atom battle the infection deep inside Batman’s body, Batman struggles to end Chemo’s rampage and defeat the Brain! This week’s teaser features Elongated Man and Plastic Man teaming up to derail a bank heist and capture the criminal Baby Face. It's on this Friday, January 30th, on Cartoon Network at 8:00 PM, 7:00 Central.

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January 28, 2009

JOKER From THE DARK KNIGHT Movie DESKTOP WALLPAPERS : Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday!

If you read the Bat-Blog a lot then you know what day it is...it's WACKY WALLPAPER WEDNESDAY! Yeah, that's what I'm talking about! We post 2 FREE brand-new Batman Desktop Wallpapers every Wed! OK, shown here are a few inspired by The Dark Knight Batman movie, mainly Heath Ledger's version of THE JOKER. They were made by a friend named Matt who did them with Adobe Illustrator. He was nice enough to allow me to share these & I'm sort of proud to because they're just so freakin' AWESOME! The 1st one is the scene where The Joker crashes in on Bruce Wayne's Penthouse Party. It's the moment where he says, "We are tonight's entertainment", a classic scene. I also really like the splattered blood effect, a nice touch. The next one is just as cool. It shows the Joker in full-length where you can really see his purple coat ( the one he bought with the Mob's money, ha ha ). This one also makes an awesome background, give it a try. I wanna thank Matt for the use of these amazing graphics...you ROCK, Sir!
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Photos: Old RARE Vintage BATMAN Memorabilia

The Bat-Blog is pretty popular for displaying some cool Vintage Batman Toys. I mean, it's the main reason I started this website really. As a toy collector I just totally drool over older hard-to-find bat-memorabilia. Here's a few good examples & historically, by year, they are all over the place. The 1st two pics show the front & back of a packaged Batman Toy from 1977. This was a SKY HEROES Airplane Glider Toy made by Marx Toys. This one has a lot of fond memories for me because I totally remember having the one of Superman & flying the thing around the front yard as a little kid. The retro graphics are now totally awesome! The next photo shares a RARE set of 1960's premiums. These were Batman Rings made out of rubber. I'm sure that every kid who saw these in some vending machine back then went totally nuts! The one that is "bat-shaped" pop-up sometimes on eBay but you NEVER see those weird ones of the Batmobile Car or Robin, they're extremely rare! The last photo is also a favorite. It's an obscure item from the days of the BATMAN RETURNS movie. It's a sealed Display Box of Candy-Filled Batman Bust figures made by the Topps Co. I completely remember when these were sold in retail stores. Today, I go totally goo-goo over display boxes like this. I guess because they get thrown away & are really rare. Plus, I always love the graphics. I guess the last thing I wanna say is that if you, the reader, have any cool vintage stuff like this then please shoot us a photo. Our e-mail button is ALWAYS on the top right-hand side of this page & this site is really all about sharing the love of collecting this kinda stuff. I look forward to seeing what you guys send in!

January 27, 2009

BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD # 1 Comic Book on Sale Wednesday!

Just a quick heads-up! Tommorrow, Wednesday, January 28th, DC Comics will release the BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD Comic Book, Issue # 1. This book is part of their "Johnny DC" line where they are adapted for very little kids to read. The teaser will feature Aquaman and the lead story will feature Power Girl. The artwork looks pretty cool & if you follow the link down below you can read an excerpt from the first issue. ( Thanks to Brian for the info ).

Video: BATMAN - BLOOD AND MUD a Fan-Film Movie Based upon Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns

Here's an amazing 3-D CGI Computer Animated Batman Movie Fan-Film made by Reticom Films. It's titled BATMAN: BLOOD AND MUD. The story is based on Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns comic book graphic novel. The graphics are really amazing & it has a lot of scenes that are very iconic. I think a lot of Batman Fans are gonna totally love it & remember, you saw it here first! ( Thank you Infrafan for sending me the link, you ROCK, Sir! ).
Part One:
Part Two:
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Every single time I look at this awesome photo I totally crack up, ha ha! A friend named Scott sent me this pic he took last year at the West Midlands Safari Park in England. They had one of those 1995 BATMAN FOREVER BATMOBILE CAR Vending Machine Rides outside. You know what I'm talking about. You see these sometimes at Grocery Stores. I really like the inventive creativity of some of these. I almost consider then ART! He looks to be a little too big to ride this but he did it! Thanks Scott for sharing this wonderful pic, I appreciate that...and needed a good laugh.


It's pretty well known that I'm a big fan of art in all shapes & forms, especially if it's Batman related, so I was really excited to receive an e-mail from a Bat-Blog Reader named Jose who had this to share. It's a large-sized artwork of Heath Ledger's Joker from The Dark Knight Batman movie. Now the thing is that it's made out of many many tiny little plastic beads ( Click on the small pic up above for a more detailed version ). The artist's name is Serena Azureth & she lives in Illinois. She's a member of the PIXELGASM Forum where she shows a lot of her other Bead Sprites artwork. There seems to an entire subculture of fans & artists who totally worship pixel art. And I can completely see why because if you search in that world just a few minutes you can see some really cool stuff! Basically they all love the old school video games where, if you remember, were rendered in total 8-bit graphics & were always kinda crude & simple. But even back then graphic artists took a lot of care to squeeze all the form & color they could in that simple artform. There's been a lot of recent artwork in this area of art that's really great but I knew everyone here would at least appreciate this one of Heath's Joker, she did an awesome job! I wanna thank Jose for sending this, Thanks Dude! Oh yeah, if ya wanna investigate more art like this check out this link:

January 26, 2009

Video: Vintage Batman Toy TV Commercial with Catwoman - Zellers Spot

Here's another Vintage TV Commercial from Zellers' Department Store featuring the Dynamic Duo, Batman and Robin! This one has the Catwoman villain as a special guest. I seriously love the animation in this TV spot, it's great! Be sure to check out my other videos for more toy commercials from this series. I have more posted with The Joker, Riddler, etc...

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Bat-Blog RLC Hot Wheels 1966 Batmobile Contest Winner!

Two days ago the Bat-Blog Contest for the Red Line Club 1966 Batmobile Hot Wheels Car was chosen & I totally forgot to mention it...duh! Sorry, the last few days have been pretty hectic around here. The contest ended on January 24th & that night I picked a winner. Then, the next morning, I forgot to mention who won, ha ha! Sorry about that! Anyways, the lucky winner of the brand-new RLC Hot Wheels 1966 Batmobile Car, Mint in Original Package, goes to Simon F. from the United Kingdom! Simon, please contact us in the next few days to confirm your address & then we will be mailing you this very cool collectible! It's really great & I know you will totally love it.It's even better in person than my bad photo,ha ha! I also wanna thank THE BATFAN for donating this amazing prize to the Bat-Blog contest. This guy has contributed a lot to this site & I really appreciate it. For everybody else please stay tuned to this blog because we're popping up Wacky Batman-related Contests all the time, thanks!

January 24, 2009

Vintage Family Photos: The BEN COOPER BATMAN Halloween Costume!

Recently I have been getting a lot of Bat-Blog Reader submitted photos of everything you can imagine that has to do with the Batman character ( I seriously love that! ). Here's a great example: a friend named Brian sent these old vintage family photos he had just very recently unsurfaced. His own explanation is more clear than I could do so this is what he said in the e-mail, "I've been archiving my parents' slides this past week and came across some pictures that I've never seen before. These are pictures of my buddies and myself playing around in costumes. The year was 1974 in Aberdeen, South Dakota. I was Batman and my friend, Pat, was dressed up as Superman. I was thrilled to find actual photographic evidence that I owned the Ben Cooper costume. I remembered having the mask but wasn't sure about the whole suit." Wow! Brian, I really really love old vintage family photos like this & the story is even better! To find these old lost forgotten memories must have been a really great experience & I truly appreciate you sharing them with us here. It must have been a total shock seeing these, I can only imagine, ha ha! Yeah, the good ole' Ben Cooper Halloween Costumes. They are really awesome pieces of pop culture history. Somewhere, at my Mother's house, is an old photo of me wearing a Casper ,The Friendly Ghost costume, ha ha...good times, good times. Thanks again for sending the cool pics...YOU ARE BATMAN!

Photos: The Batmobile Car Spotted in Arizona! The BATMAN RETURNS Movie Version!

The other night I was surprised to find a ton of "Batmobile photos" in my e-mail, ha ha! A Bat-Blog Reader named Michael sent along these pics with the explanation that he, his girlfriend, and Uncle were out one night & saw the "Batman Returns" movie Batmobile being hauled from one location to another. Now, you all know he must have freaked out! This happened in his hometown of Globe, Arizona on January 19th, 2009 ( my birthday! ). OK, I didn't get very much information so I'm not sure if this car is a replica or an original screen-used prop. But either way it still looks incredible & if it is a replica car then they did an extremely good job on it, it ROCKS! Seeing the car in person must have been a really great experience & you can tell by all the smiles that it was a very fun moment. Thank you very much Michael for sharing these personal photos. Getting to meet other like-minded Batman Fans is really the rewarding part of me doing this blog!

Batman Fine Art Painting Found in Bulgarian Restaurant!

A good friend named Zdravko, who lives in Bulgaria, sent me this photo of a Batman-themed Painting he saw while dining at a local cafe. He said he was spending quality time with his Sister, having a drink, when all of a sudden they noticed this piece of art on the wall had Batman in it, how funny! The painting looks pretty cool & is done in the famous abstract style of Jean-Michel Basquiat. Readers, if you're unfamiliar with Basquiat's artwork do yourself a favor & Google it because it's some really great stuff! Anyway, it's kinda easy to see that this artist was really inspired by Batman & overall the painting is extremely excellent! Thank you Z for sending the cool pic to share, I appreciate that alot. It's really neat that Batman is super-popular in Bulgaria!

January 23, 2009

BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD "Fall of The Blue Beetle" Background Wallpapers

The latest episode of BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD is on tonight, Friday, January 23rd at 8:00pm, 7:00 Central on the Cartoon Network. To help remind you here are 2 Desktop Wallpapers of the event. This weeks guest will be the Silver Age Blue Beetle ( voiced by Wil Wheaton )...I can't wait!
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Video Preview: BATMAN, THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD New Episode "Fall of the Blue Beetle!”

This weeks episode is called "THE FALL OF THE BLUE BEETLE" & will star Wil Wheaton ( Wesley Crusher from Star Trek: The Next Generation ) as Ted Kord / Silver Age Blue Beetle. It airs on Friday, January 23rd, at 8:00 pm, 7:00 Central on the Cartoon Network.
The Basic Story: Blue Beetle traces his legacy back to the original Blue Beetle, to learn why the Scarab has chosen him to share in it’s powers and become a super hero. The journey leads him to the dangerous Science Island where he battles legions of robots alongside Batman and learns the truth behind Ted Kord’s disappearance.

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January 21, 2009


Regular Bat-Blog Readers know what day it is, it's "Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday"!! This week I thought I would throw in "something old & something new"! First, the old. What if famous Pop Artist Andy Warhol had done a portrait of Yvonne Craig's Batgirl from the 1966 Batman TV Show? Well, it might look something like this. I seriously love this work of art because I'm a huge Warhol Fan & the graphic artist who made this did an amazing job replicating his special art style ( Thanks to Jim for sending me this pic ). The 2nd one is just as beautiful. This one, showing Heath Ledger's Joker from The Dark Knight Batman movie, was done by a friend named Messenjah-Matt. He likes to manipulate photos he loves & I think he used Adobe Illustrator to alter this famous scene from the film. I have some more of his work that I'll be posting in later posts so please be sure to keep an eye out for those! ( Thank you Matt for letting me use this awesome background...you rock, Sir! )
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January 20, 2009

Video: Neal Adams' Batman - 2008 New York Comic-Con Interviews

Shown here are a few videos with interviews of Classic Batman Comic Book Artist Neal Adams. He's always been a hero of mine & I thought these were pretty interesting. They were shot at the recent 2008 NY Comic-Con...enjoy.

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Costume Photo: Holy Kodak Moment, Batman!

I love when people send personal photo expressing their love or respect of the Batman superhero character. It seems I have been getting a lot of those lately so that's great, keep 'em coming! This one is from a Bat-Blog Reader named Bill. His e-mail explains it a lot better than I can so here we go, "My name is Bill from Tyler, Texas. I am a lifelong BATFAN and collector. (Love your site!) I am also a Catholic Deacon. In October, my diocese held a Youth Ministry Rally called "Holy Households, Batman!" I spent an entire Saturday teaching and preaching to the kids dressed in my bat-suit! I was aided in this task by Robin and Catwoman. A photo of the Dark Deacon was sent to me, and I am passing it on. Holy Kodak Moment, Batman!" Wow Bill! The costume is awesome! Of course it's the 1966 TV Adam West version...very very cool! The Cowl, Cape, Gloves, Bat-Belt, Everything, looks extremely well done. I guess I need to explain the "black boxes" on people's faces though. That's just to respect the privacy of the people at the event. I don't mean anything by it except that & really the main focus of the photo is the super-great costume. Thanks again for sending the pic, very cool.

January 19, 2009

THE RETURN OF MAX! ( Cute Batman Baby Photo )

Awhile back we posted a photo of an extremely cute little boy named MAX. At that time he was a lot smaller than now so it looks like he's been growing like crazy! At an extremely early age he is already a super Batman Fan ( that's awesome! ). Well, here's another recently submitted photo showing him in his new Batman hat. OK, it's a little big right now but he'll grow into it, ha ha! He's so cute & it's very cool that he loves the Caped Crusader...Batman! Thanks to his Dad for sending us this totally precious photo. Max is really the sweetest little kid & I know that all the readers here will just fall in love with the little guy.

BATMAN Custom Mighty Muggs Figure with Display Box

A friend sent me some photos he found on eBay. A seller named "Fuller5326" recently offered a Custom Batman Mighty Mugg Figure & it looks extremely cool. Not only is the figure pretty awesome but he also created a special display box for it that looks just like the real deal, a great parody! Now, as sort of a back story, Mighty Muggs are made by Hasbro but Mattel has the exclusive rights to Batman so Hasbro will never make any DC Comics characters. Right now they're making Marvel Comics ones & people have wondered when they're gonna do DC...there ya go. So, a lot of people who are totally into creating custom toys are making these, they're really interesting. I really like it when Batman Fans get totally creative so if you have any pictures of your art projects then please send them in.

January 18, 2009

Video: Vintage CAPTAIN ACTION DOLL 1960's Toy Figure & Costumes TV Commercial

OK, we have extensively featured the Classic CAPTAIN ACTION Doll here at the Bat-Blog a few times. Mainly covering the Batman & Robin Costumes that were made in the 1960's. Well, here's a really great Vintage TV Commercial showing both the doll & it's many costumes you could have bought back then. It also features the Batman figure so I thought I'd pop it up here, enjoy!

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