January 27, 2009

Video: BATMAN - BLOOD AND MUD a Fan-Film Movie Based upon Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns

Here's an amazing 3-D CGI Computer Animated Batman Movie Fan-Film made by Reticom Films. It's titled BATMAN: BLOOD AND MUD. The story is based on Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns comic book graphic novel. The graphics are really amazing & it has a lot of scenes that are very iconic. I think a lot of Batman Fans are gonna totally love it & remember, you saw it here first! ( Thank you Infrafan for sending me the link, you ROCK, Sir! ).
Part One:
Part Two:
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marcopi said...

the animation is good, but the voices suck!

reticomfilms said...

That was a preliminary audio, we are posting the final version right now.

Reticom Films

reticomfilms said...

Thank you very much for your words,..they are very nice and apreciated. I just would like to mention one thing, this animation is not based upon "THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN" which is the second book , the continuation. The animation is based on the first book, 1986's "THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS" by Miller too. It's awesome that you took the time to fix the posts too!! Thank you one more time for your good vibes!! and keep up the great work finding all this crazy bat stuff!!

bill_finger said...

Awesome. I have to share this on my blog.