January 24, 2009

Photos: The Batmobile Car Spotted in Arizona! The BATMAN RETURNS Movie Version!

The other night I was surprised to find a ton of "Batmobile photos" in my e-mail, ha ha! A Bat-Blog Reader named Michael sent along these pics with the explanation that he, his girlfriend, and Uncle were out one night & saw the "Batman Returns" movie Batmobile being hauled from one location to another. Now, you all know he must have freaked out! This happened in his hometown of Globe, Arizona on January 19th, 2009 ( my birthday! ). OK, I didn't get very much information so I'm not sure if this car is a replica or an original screen-used prop. But either way it still looks incredible & if it is a replica car then they did an extremely good job on it, it ROCKS! Seeing the car in person must have been a really great experience & you can tell by all the smiles that it was a very fun moment. Thank you very much Michael for sharing these personal photos. Getting to meet other like-minded Batman Fans is really the rewarding part of me doing this blog!


bill_finger said...

This is my favorite of the batmobiles from the original movie series. I love how it split up into three different parts and then drove up a wall. Amazing.

Mary Raven said...

so cool ^^