January 24, 2009

Batman Fine Art Painting Found in Bulgarian Restaurant!

A good friend named Zdravko, who lives in Bulgaria, sent me this photo of a Batman-themed Painting he saw while dining at a local cafe. He said he was spending quality time with his Sister, having a drink, when all of a sudden they noticed this piece of art on the wall had Batman in it, how funny! The painting looks pretty cool & is done in the famous abstract style of Jean-Michel Basquiat. Readers, if you're unfamiliar with Basquiat's artwork do yourself a favor & Google it because it's some really great stuff! Anyway, it's kinda easy to see that this artist was really inspired by Batman & overall the painting is extremely excellent! Thank you Z for sending the cool pic to share, I appreciate that alot. It's really neat that Batman is super-popular in Bulgaria!


WITA said...

Oh, very cool!

Anonymous said...

well, it certainly is "interesting"... although, I think "fine art" is stretching it a bit!