January 26, 2009

Bat-Blog RLC Hot Wheels 1966 Batmobile Contest Winner!

Two days ago the Bat-Blog Contest for the Red Line Club 1966 Batmobile Hot Wheels Car was chosen & I totally forgot to mention it...duh! Sorry, the last few days have been pretty hectic around here. The contest ended on January 24th & that night I picked a winner. Then, the next morning, I forgot to mention who won, ha ha! Sorry about that! Anyways, the lucky winner of the brand-new RLC Hot Wheels 1966 Batmobile Car, Mint in Original Package, goes to Simon F. from the United Kingdom! Simon, please contact us in the next few days to confirm your address & then we will be mailing you this very cool collectible! It's really great & I know you will totally love it.It's even better in person than my bad photo,ha ha! I also wanna thank THE BATFAN for donating this amazing prize to the Bat-Blog contest. This guy has contributed a lot to this site & I really appreciate it. For everybody else please stay tuned to this blog because we're popping up Wacky Batman-related Contests all the time, thanks!

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Toy Cars said...

Wow, that is very cool! It's in excellent condition! A must have! Congrats Simon!