January 24, 2009

Vintage Family Photos: The BEN COOPER BATMAN Halloween Costume!

Recently I have been getting a lot of Bat-Blog Reader submitted photos of everything you can imagine that has to do with the Batman character ( I seriously love that! ). Here's a great example: a friend named Brian sent these old vintage family photos he had just very recently unsurfaced. His own explanation is more clear than I could do so this is what he said in the e-mail, "I've been archiving my parents' slides this past week and came across some pictures that I've never seen before. These are pictures of my buddies and myself playing around in costumes. The year was 1974 in Aberdeen, South Dakota. I was Batman and my friend, Pat, was dressed up as Superman. I was thrilled to find actual photographic evidence that I owned the Ben Cooper costume. I remembered having the mask but wasn't sure about the whole suit." Wow! Brian, I really really love old vintage family photos like this & the story is even better! To find these old lost forgotten memories must have been a really great experience & I truly appreciate you sharing them with us here. It must have been a total shock seeing these, I can only imagine, ha ha! Yeah, the good ole' Ben Cooper Halloween Costumes. They are really awesome pieces of pop culture history. Somewhere, at my Mother's house, is an old photo of me wearing a Casper ,The Friendly Ghost costume, ha ha...good times, good times. Thanks again for sending the cool pics...YOU ARE BATMAN!


reference said...

The mask on that thing is frightening!

ozz said...

I had one of those Batman costumes for Halloween one year. If I remember, they were cheaply made and tore easily. I like how the Batman's name is part of the logo. Like we don't know who it's supposed to be?!?