January 19, 2009

BATMAN Custom Mighty Muggs Figure with Display Box

A friend sent me some photos he found on eBay. A seller named "Fuller5326" recently offered a Custom Batman Mighty Mugg Figure & it looks extremely cool. Not only is the figure pretty awesome but he also created a special display box for it that looks just like the real deal, a great parody! Now, as sort of a back story, Mighty Muggs are made by Hasbro but Mattel has the exclusive rights to Batman so Hasbro will never make any DC Comics characters. Right now they're making Marvel Comics ones & people have wondered when they're gonna do DC...there ya go. So, a lot of people who are totally into creating custom toys are making these, they're really interesting. I really like it when Batman Fans get totally creative so if you have any pictures of your art projects then please send them in.

1 comment:

ozz said...

Quaint looking toys, those Muggs are.

Hey, if anyone digs good rock n' roll, there's an excellent band from Detroit called The Muggs that you oughta check out.