January 28, 2009

Photos: Old RARE Vintage BATMAN Memorabilia

The Bat-Blog is pretty popular for displaying some cool Vintage Batman Toys. I mean, it's the main reason I started this website really. As a toy collector I just totally drool over older hard-to-find bat-memorabilia. Here's a few good examples & historically, by year, they are all over the place. The 1st two pics show the front & back of a packaged Batman Toy from 1977. This was a SKY HEROES Airplane Glider Toy made by Marx Toys. This one has a lot of fond memories for me because I totally remember having the one of Superman & flying the thing around the front yard as a little kid. The retro graphics are now totally awesome! The next photo shares a RARE set of 1960's premiums. These were Batman Rings made out of rubber. I'm sure that every kid who saw these in some vending machine back then went totally nuts! The one that is "bat-shaped" pop-up sometimes on eBay but you NEVER see those weird ones of the Batmobile Car or Robin, they're extremely rare! The last photo is also a favorite. It's an obscure item from the days of the BATMAN RETURNS movie. It's a sealed Display Box of Candy-Filled Batman Bust figures made by the Topps Co. I completely remember when these were sold in retail stores. Today, I go totally goo-goo over display boxes like this. I guess because they get thrown away & are really rare. Plus, I always love the graphics. I guess the last thing I wanna say is that if you, the reader, have any cool vintage stuff like this then please shoot us a photo. Our e-mail button is ALWAYS on the top right-hand side of this page & this site is really all about sharing the love of collecting this kinda stuff. I look forward to seeing what you guys send in!

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Hartter said...

I had one of these! Forgot all about it!