October 31, 2006

BATMAN IN GERMANY : Fine ART & Foreign Comic Book

Here's 2 recent Batman photos sent to me from a reader in Germany. The top one is from an art gallery where the exibit had a HUGE Batman sculpture hanging from the ceiling...awesome! He's sort of fat, is that a political message about most Americans being obese? LOL! The second picture shows the cover to a recent German Batman comic book. Thanx Han, these are cool pics! Everybody please CHECK OUT OUR ARCHIVES for many other pics like this!

Vintage Batman Toys from Argentina! ( Batmobiles & Batboats )

Here at the BAT-BLOG we're always asking readers to send cool photos of their RARE vintage toys & other Batman-related photos. One of the best is a guy named Ramiro from Argentina. He has some very cool bat-toys & here are 2 photos showing just a few. These are extremely cool & I know our readers will love them....Thanx Ramiro! Please be sure to check our BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES for many more vintage Batman toy photos. The ARCHIVES are located just below the LINK BUTTON area on the right side.

New BAT-BLOG Link Button - Plaid Stallions

I'm always looking for great websites to share with my readers & a recent one is PLAID STALLIONS. It covers sales catalog photos of vintage toys & groovy fashion. You can find it on the right-side of this blog. You should go check it out but please remember to BOOKMARK THE BAT-BLOG before ya leave!

October 27, 2006


It's official! The BAT-BLOG has started a MySpace page called TOMSTOYZ. We want to invite every loyal Bat-Blog reader to join! We have added a LINK BUTTON below to visit that page. When you get there just sign in & click on the"Add Me Now" button.You can sign-up with an existing MySpace acount or create a new one...plus the great news is that IT'S FREE!! JOIN TODAY FOR FREE! BE MY NEW FRIEND! MySpace Page!

Vintage 60's Batman Photo with 1966 Marx Toy Batmobile

Here's a really great vintage 60's photo sent in by a loyal BAT-BLOG reader named "Johnny West". Ha ha, ok John, is that your real name? It shows a kid riding the Super-RARE MARX BATMOBILE ride-on toy car & he's wearing his bat-cowl & cape too! Thanx John for this awesome pic!! I hope our readers love it as much as I do!! In an earlier BAT-BLOG post we have the 1960's MARX BATMOBILE RIDE-ON TOY CAR TV Commercial online right here, just down below, or check the Batblog Archives.

October 26, 2006

Where Does Batman Eat? GOTHAM CITY RESTAURANT of Course!

I found this photo on the internet & it really cracks me up. I mean, it's not a "fake" humor photo but a real-life place. This is the GOTHAM CITY Restaurant in New Jersey, NY. I hope they spread out & are eventually in Oklahoma City ( where I live ) ha ha! Be sure to check the archives for more Batman humor!


October 24, 2006

Vintage 1960's BATMAN CARNIVAL CAR RIDE Batmobile

In this Batblog Post I'm showing 2 beautiful photos of an extremely RARE Vintage 60's Carnival Ride Car that was used by some fairs on their merry-go-round. It's a fiberglass Batmobile with Batman driving...WOW! I really love this thing & would like to have it in my personal Batman toy collection. As always you can click the small pics to see larger pix. Please remember to CHECK OUT THE BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES for an earlier story on this ride PLUS 160 other bat-posts!

October 23, 2006

2 RARE Vintage BICHI Batman Toys of Batmobile & Batboat

Included in the pics above are 2 extremely RARE Batman Toys both made by a foreign toy company called BICHI. One is a very cool 1960's style Batmobile, shown with original box. The other is a cool Batboat that is a battery operated bump-n-go vehicle, also with original box. I love the graphics on the boat's box, see the explosion & there's a dead person in it....awesome! Both vehicles feature Robin The Boy Wonder riding shotgun. Ya gotta love that. Click on the small pics for larger photos. Also, remember to CHECK THE ARCHIVES for many other RARE Vintage Toy photos!!

1960's Batman Batmobile Corgi Toy Background Wallpaper

A loyal BAT-BLOG Reader ( Hey Jeff! ) requested that we post a wallpaper of a 1966 Batmobile so here it is! This version is a 1960's Corgi Toy car. This vintage toy is a classic with great details. I love the bat-symbol logo on the door & tires. If you click on the above pic you get a large photo worth decorating your PC background. Be sure to check the archives for many other wallpapers & also remember to check our BATMAN WALLPAPER Page. The LINK BUTTON is on the top right-hand side.
CLICK HERE For More Batman Wallpapers for a Desktop or Free to Use Backgrounds in a MySpace Layout!

October 22, 2006

Vintage 1960's BATMAN PEZ DISPENSER ( MIP ) with Cape!

Alot of people don't know that when the 1st Vintage Batman PEZ Dispenser was released it came with a rubber cape attached & this piece is really hard to find today. Here's a great photo I found showing it MINT in original bag package. I have one of these but it's missing the cape, this would make an awesome upgrade! Please remember to CHECK OUT THE ARCHIVES for more pix of RARE Vintage Batman Toys!

October 21, 2006

Foreign Italian Batman Comic Book Covers from Italy!

A loyal BAT-BLOG Reader from Italy recently sent me some photos of 2 Italian Batman Comic Books from his personal collection & I love these pix! Thanx Paul, these are super cool & I'm sure everybody will love them! Both comics are vintage & from the 1970's / 80's. We want to invite other readers with any cool Batman-Related photos to send them too! Be sure to CHECK OUT THE BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES for many more pics like this!

Pictures of Cool Vintage 60's Batman Toys ( 1966 )

Here's some pics of some really RARE & hard-to-find Vintage Batman Toys from the 1960's! The 1st pic is of a MARX PICTURE PISTOL TOY GUN that came with a filmstrip to shoot Batman pix on the wall! I've seen this before & one graphic is THE BAT-SYMBOL LOGO! It's shown here with the original box & I really want one of these bad! They are super-rare! The 2nd photo is a nice BATMAN TOY PERISCOPE with extremely cool graphics! You can use this to peek around corners & spy on the Joker or Catwoman! The 3rd photo is of a BOND KING BATMAN BREAD WRAPPER, really unusual & RARE too. ( Thanx John for the WRAPPER pic! ). As always, you can click on the small pix for larger photos! Be sure to check out the BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES ( right-hand side, middle ) for tons of extra Vintage Batman & Robin Toy Photos like Corgi, Mego, Marx, Ideal, etc...!

October 19, 2006

BATGIRL : HOLY CUPCAKES BATMAN! Vintage Hostess Twinkies Ad

Does anyone else remember these great Hostess Twinkies Ads from the comic books of the 1970's & 80's?? This one features Batgirl in the costume I like the best ( grey ). These used to crack me up the way they "tricked you" into reading the ad....they usually had some nice artwork & a funny story but at the end they always sales-pitched Hostess Snacks, funny! As always you can click the small picture for a larger photo...and remember to CHECK OUT THE ARCHIVES for more vintage ads & toys!


RARE Batman Rub-On Tattoos from Argentina!

Our friend Ramiro from Argentina has sent another awesome pic of some of his RARE Batman Collection! This time it's some packages with the name "CHICLE GLOBO : TATUAJE". I forgot the exact year but they're from the 1980's. They had a free premium inside of some rub-on tattoos & you can see them in the 2nd photo! I love the artwork on these, very cool! Thanks Ramiro, you're the greatest! If anyone else has some cool personal pix then please feel free to send them.

October 17, 2006

Vintage Wacky Packages FATMAN STICKER Photo ( Batman )

Here's a great photo sent in to me by a "Wacky Packages Sticker Collector" who thought you guys might find this funny, I do! This is a parody version of what the packaging for the line of 1989 Batman Movie action figures looked like. I'll try to find a photo to add later of the original figure to jog your memory. But this picture is funny just the way it is!


OK, I didn't have much time to post anything tonight so I thought I would show this great reference photo pic of the Super-Rare 1970's BATMAN BATCAVE PLAYSET! This was made by MEGO TOYS in the 70's for the Batman & Robin Action Figure Dolls! I love old vintage toys like this, especially the graphics on the box!! The coolest thing I remember about this now very collectible toy was that it had a Bat-Signal that shot the bat-symbol on the wall, like a flashlight. As always you can click on the small picture above for a way bigger photo. Also, remember to check the archives for more RARE VINTAGE BATMAN TOY information & pics!

FRED HEMBECK : Great Comic Book Artist!!

For as long as I can remember I have been a really big fan of both the humor & artwork of Fred Hembeck! Those of you not familuar with his work should check it out. He did alot of work for both DC Comics & Marvel Comic Books. Usually it was "filler space" & one of his comic strips would appear on a page or two. Sometimes he did a whole page story. He's even done a few comic books on his own & is a highly sought after commercial artist. But the most important thing is he's loved by alot of comic geeks ( I mean GEEK in a good way here, hee hee ). Once you learn what his art looks like you will always recognize it later. It's sort of simple in a minimal kinda way & very "cartoony" but the details to the character are extremely accurate to who he's drawing & it's really awesome! If you're familuar with comic book heroes then you recognize that character right away! Recently he's been selling his artwork on eBay, what he calls his "cover recreations". These are full-size pen & ink drawings of classic comic book covers in his "cartoony" style ....they're really great! If I wasn't so poor I would buy one or maybe even commission him to do a piece of art! I love his stuff. He also has a nice webpage worth checkin' out. I've included a LINK BUTTON to his website on the top/right-hand side of my BLOG. While there be sure to read his BLOG called "Fred Sez"....funny!

Join The BAT-BLOG CLUB on MySpace!

It's official! The BAT-BLOG has started a MySpace page called TOMSTOYZ. We want to invite every loyal Bat-Blog reader to join! We have added a LINK BUTTON below to visit that page. When you get there just sign in & click on the"Add Me" button.You can sign-up with an existing MySpace acount or create one...IT'S FREE!! JOIN MYSPACE TODAY
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  • October 14, 2006


    I have got a few e-mails recently from parents asking me, " I want a cool Batman Halloween Costume for my kids but don't want to spend alot of money. Where can I get one? ". Well, My sister asked me the same thing for her kids. So, we got on the internet & found a place with some very cool Batman Costumes at a great price. My nephews totally spazzed-out when they saw the pictures & so we got a Batman Outfit for the older one and a Cool Robin Outfit for the little brother. I can't wait to see them all dressed up! The Batman Costume has a foam "Muscle Chest" built into it that's really cool. I attached a photo of it up above & here's a LINK to see the other Batman costumes too, check it out! Batman Halloween Costumes

    Cool FOREIGN BATMAN Comic Book Covers!

    Y'all know I love the "Foreign Batman" items so when I got these pics on my e-mail I was really excited! Here are pictures of 2 versions of Batman Comic books from all over the globe. The 1st issue is from Mexico ( El Hombre Murcielago ) & the last one is from Malaysia with cover art by Paul Gulacy. Thanks for the pictures Juan! I know my readers will like these as much as I do! If anyone else has some cool Batman-related photos of toys or comics please send them! Readers, be sure to remember to check the ARCHIVES because with 150+ posts you'll find alot of cool stuff here! You can find the ARCHIVES on the right side just below the cool LINK BUTTONS!

    Batman & Robin MEGO TOYS Bat-Coders TV Commercial

    October 13, 2006

    Heritage Comics Sells Original Adam West TV Batman Gloves!

    Recently, on Oct 7th, Heritage Auctions of Dallas sold an Original Pair of BATMAN COSTUME GLOVES worn by Adam West on the 1966 TV show! The final eBay auction price was $7000.00. Man, being poor sucks! I hope the new owner eventually donates these to the Smithsonan, or some other major museum, because these are National Treasures! I've been following Heritage Auctions even before they got on eBay. They have always sold some of the most incredible pieces of memobrailla around. I live in Oklahoma City & once in awhile we travel to Dallas to visit some friends. While there we always pass the large building they're located at & I start to fantasize about just going in there with a few million & buying everything! Be sure to click the above photo for a larger picture, it really shows alot of details.

    1989 Data-East BATMAN MOVIE Pinball Machine

    Here's something I have sitting around in the front yard that the neighborhood kids like to come around & play with!

    October 12, 2006

    RARE 1966 Batman Toy Water Gun Display ( Wallpaper )

    This post marks the 150th article to the BAT-BLOG! To celebrate I thought I would add 2 photos of an extremely RARE 1960's Batman Water Gun! You can click the small photos above for a nice sharp large photo you can use as PC wallpaper. If you're looking for more Batman Wallpaper then you can also check out our BATMAN WALLPAPER PAGE. The LINK Button is on the top right-hand side of the BATBLOG. There you'll find many versions of the Batman Symbol Logo, Batgirl, Joker, Catwoman, etc...Please remember to BOOKMARK THE BAT-BLOG before you leave! We also have other wallpaper in our ARCHIVES so be sure to check that out too!

    October 10, 2006


    Recently a very loyal & extremely cool BAT-BLOG reader named Ramiro, who lives in Argentina, sent us some awesome photos of some Super-RARE Batman Toys from Brazil & Argentina!! In a previous article we posted a few of his pictures of some RARE Batman Family Hand Puppets. Here we're gonna show you a few Batman & Batgirl Vehicles he sent! The 1st pic is of a SUPER-RARE BATGIRL ON BAT-CYCLE...I love this toy & wish I had it!! It looks like it's friction powered & has some great details....very nice! I also love the BATGIRL FIGURE riding the bike. The 2nd shot is a pair of really cheesy ( and I mean that in a good way, ha ha ) PLASTIC BATMOBILES! It looks like one is for Batman & Robin while Wonder Woman is driving the other car, LOL! Hey, I thought she owns an invisible plane. Thanks very much for the great pictures Ramiro....keep 'em coming! I appreciate them alot & think my readers will like them alot too! I'll be posting even more of your pix in the near future. If anybody else has some cool pix to share of their favorite RARE toys please send them to the BATBLOG! Be sure to check the ARCHIVES for many more RARE TOYS! ( As Always You Can Click The Small Picture Above For Larger Photos! )

    October 9, 2006

    BATMAN # 473 Original Comic Book Cover Art NORM BREYFOGLE

    Here's an example of great art! This is the original comic book art for the cover to Batman # 473. It was done by Norm Breyfogle & Alan Grant. I would really love to own this for my personal art gallery. The BAT-BLOG has included a NORM BREYFOGLE LINK BUTTON in the top right-hand side, check it out! We also have a LINK BUTTON for Neal Adams, Bruce Timm, Paul Gulacy, & others. As always you can click the picture above for a larger one. Please remember to BOOKMARK the BatBlog before ya go!

    FRANK GORSHIN Grave Site Tombstone REST IN PEACE

    I recently came across this photograph at a Frank Gorshin Fan Site & for some reason it really moved me. The gravestone is beautiful the way they added the image of the microphone casting a shadow of Frank behind it but he's not there. I also like the ART DECO style of it, very well done. He was really a great actor but most importantly a very nice person, R.I.P. I recently added Frank Gorshin's Official Website to my LINK BUTTONS. You can find it on the top right-hand side of the blog. Please remember to BOOKMARK the BAT-BLOG before you leave!


    Here's a recent eBay find of a HUSKY CORGI Diecast Toy Car of the 1966 Batmobile that is extremely RARE. This special packaging is from the UK & hard to find in the USA! I'm sorry I forgot the exact price it went for but it was in the hundreds! Here at the BATBLOG we were extremely impressed with this & knew many of you would want to see a picture of this RARE collectible! By the way, "MIP" means "MINT IN PACKAGE". If you like Corgi, or just RARE Batman Toys in general, then be sure to check out our archives for more photos.

    October 7, 2006

    Batman's THE GOTHAM GIRLS Flash Cartoons by WB!

    Nothing to do? Feeling kinda bored? Well, stop your whining ya big cry baby & go over to the Official Warner Bros webpage where they have 10 episodes of THE GOTHAM GIRLS for you to check out! These are Flash-Animated cartoons you can view on the web & they're FREE!! The animation quality is very excellent : nice artwork, decent stories, nice voices, plus some cool sound effects & music! I have a Gotham Girls LINK BUTTON on the top-right-hand side of this BLOG so go click on it. Please remember to BOOKMARK my site before ya go or if you don't wanna see those then just check out my ARCHIVES for almost 140 articles all about Batman! ( Look at the above picture, Poison Ivy is checkin' out the BAT-BLOG on her PC, HA HA! ).

    RARE Foreign Batman Comic Books : India & Turkey!

    As loyal Bat-Blog Readers know, I love the foriegn Batman Items! I mean, they're just super-wacky & really hard-to-find! So, you can understand my surprise when a few readers sent some photos of obscure "Foreign Batman" comic book covers! WOW! The 1st one is a current brand-new comic published by DC in India! I have a friend who lives in India & I'm gonna ask him to get me a few copies, these look cool! ( I also love the strange logo with that cool font! ). And the 2nd one is a Super-RARE 1960's magazine, I think it's bootleg, of Batman from Turkey! Check out the groovy 60's babe clinging to Batman's leg, LOL! I wanna thank everyone who e-mailed pix & invite anyone with cool Batman Toys or related items to do the same! It's the readers who make this site great!

    NEW 1966 Batman ADAM WEST Resin Model Kit!

    While surfing the net I found this cool webpage for the company that produces these 1966 Batman Resin Model Kits. The name of the company is JOHNNY'S RESIN KITS & they produce alot of high-quality stuff! They are the only official kit endorsed by Burt Ward ( TV's Robin The Boy Wonder ). They have many highly detailed kits of both the heroes & villians from the classic TV Show, even a very large 1/25th Scale Batmobile! I contacted the owner of the site & he said he was familuar with the BAT-BLOG! I told him I wanted to add a link & do a few articles about his products. He seemed kinda excited & was kind enough to send me a RARE photo of the brand-new ADAM WEST kit that has not been seen before! See the above photo, this kit of "Mr. West" will be released later this month. If you're interested in buying some kits, or just enjoying some pleasant eye-candy, then check out their webpage! I've included a link button in my LINKS area, look to the top-right-hand side of my blog. Please remember to BOOKMARK The Bat-Blog before ya go! ( As Always, Click On The Small Pictures Above For Larger Photos! ).

    October 6, 2006

    Vintage 1972 Batman Tin Batmobile MINT IN BOX!

    This is just a quick post, mainly to show this photo, of a RARE 1972 Batmobile MINT IN BOX! Now, you usually see these Tin Toy Car Batmobiles around but NEVER with the original box!! Here's what the box looks like....WOW! If ya wanna see the car in more detail then be sure to check my archives and/or wallpaper page for a super-large photo of this classic toy car.


    Here's an awesome Batman wallpaper used to promote the new video game titled JUSTICE LEAGUE HEROES. I think it will be available for the Playstation 2 & XBOX sometime this month. I recently visited their official website & it looks pretty cool! You can be Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, etc...There's gonna be alot of characters to play & the graphics look awesome, I can't wait!! Check back for more details when I get them. Also, if you like PC Wallpaper then you should check out my Batman Wallpaper Page! The link is avaliable in my LINK BUTTON area, on the top-right. ( Click the Small Picture Above For Larger Wallpaper ).

    October 5, 2006

    Some Wacky Old & New Foreign Batman Items!

    I love wacky "foreign" Batman items & thought I would mix it up a little bit with this recent batch of rare photos! Included here, from top to bottom, is a very cool Set of Batman Coca-Cola Bottle Toppers from Japan! These were attached to the bottle cap of 20 oz cokes. I wish they would have made them here! These came out just a few years ago but are really hard-to-find! The complete set has 12 toppers ( 9 characters & 3 vehicles ). Next is a super-rare item that both Batman & Pepsi Collectors want! It's a tin Pepsi Soda Can with graphics on one side of Batman. These are almost impossible to find & were from Saudi-Arabia! The 3rd pic is an original Lobby Card for the Mexican Movie "BATY Y ROBY CONTRA EL CRIMEN". Which was a wacky parody movie made in Mexico during the late 1960's. The last picture is a set of three different flip-flop sandals from Thailand. These were recently made but I don't think they're still avaliable in stores so they're probably hard-to-find!! I told you these were gonna be wacky!! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do & if you have some cool pictures of anything Batman-Related then please send them! ( Click the Small Photos for Larger Ones! ). The "Japanese Coke" picture is kinda small & I'm gonna try to find a better one but it gives you a good idea of what they look like!