October 7, 2006

Batman's THE GOTHAM GIRLS Flash Cartoons by WB!

Nothing to do? Feeling kinda bored? Well, stop your whining ya big cry baby & go over to the Official Warner Bros webpage where they have 10 episodes of THE GOTHAM GIRLS for you to check out! These are Flash-Animated cartoons you can view on the web & they're FREE!! The animation quality is very excellent : nice artwork, decent stories, nice voices, plus some cool sound effects & music! I have a Gotham Girls LINK BUTTON on the top-right-hand side of this BLOG so go click on it. Please remember to BOOKMARK my site before ya go or if you don't wanna see those then just check out my ARCHIVES for almost 140 articles all about Batman! ( Look at the above picture, Poison Ivy is checkin' out the BAT-BLOG on her PC, HA HA! ).

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Anonymous said...

Love the Blog, keep up the great work!
Gotham Girls actually has more than ten episodes, that's what they have on the site now. The following link has links to all three seasons.


Also another great DC superheroes site.