October 5, 2006

Some Wacky Old & New Foreign Batman Items!

I love wacky "foreign" Batman items & thought I would mix it up a little bit with this recent batch of rare photos! Included here, from top to bottom, is a very cool Set of Batman Coca-Cola Bottle Toppers from Japan! These were attached to the bottle cap of 20 oz cokes. I wish they would have made them here! These came out just a few years ago but are really hard-to-find! The complete set has 12 toppers ( 9 characters & 3 vehicles ). Next is a super-rare item that both Batman & Pepsi Collectors want! It's a tin Pepsi Soda Can with graphics on one side of Batman. These are almost impossible to find & were from Saudi-Arabia! The 3rd pic is an original Lobby Card for the Mexican Movie "BATY Y ROBY CONTRA EL CRIMEN". Which was a wacky parody movie made in Mexico during the late 1960's. The last picture is a set of three different flip-flop sandals from Thailand. These were recently made but I don't think they're still avaliable in stores so they're probably hard-to-find!! I told you these were gonna be wacky!! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do & if you have some cool pictures of anything Batman-Related then please send them! ( Click the Small Photos for Larger Ones! ). The "Japanese Coke" picture is kinda small & I'm gonna try to find a better one but it gives you a good idea of what they look like!


Michael Jones said...

I live in Japan and when I went home in August, I took about 3 full sets of the Batman Coke figures. I hope my Toronto dealer made a mint selling them.

Dave Tanner said...

Have you seen the soda can produced by Cott (New Hampshire) called Batman Cola?
I had one once and have been trying to find another.