October 10, 2006


Recently a very loyal & extremely cool BAT-BLOG reader named Ramiro, who lives in Argentina, sent us some awesome photos of some Super-RARE Batman Toys from Brazil & Argentina!! In a previous article we posted a few of his pictures of some RARE Batman Family Hand Puppets. Here we're gonna show you a few Batman & Batgirl Vehicles he sent! The 1st pic is of a SUPER-RARE BATGIRL ON BAT-CYCLE...I love this toy & wish I had it!! It looks like it's friction powered & has some great details....very nice! I also love the BATGIRL FIGURE riding the bike. The 2nd shot is a pair of really cheesy ( and I mean that in a good way, ha ha ) PLASTIC BATMOBILES! It looks like one is for Batman & Robin while Wonder Woman is driving the other car, LOL! Hey, I thought she owns an invisible plane. Thanks very much for the great pictures Ramiro....keep 'em coming! I appreciate them alot & think my readers will like them alot too! I'll be posting even more of your pix in the near future. If anybody else has some cool pix to share of their favorite RARE toys please send them to the BATBLOG! Be sure to check the ARCHIVES for many more RARE TOYS! ( As Always You Can Click The Small Picture Above For Larger Photos! )

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