October 14, 2006

Cool FOREIGN BATMAN Comic Book Covers!

Y'all know I love the "Foreign Batman" items so when I got these pics on my e-mail I was really excited! Here are pictures of 2 versions of Batman Comic books from all over the globe. The 1st issue is from Mexico ( El Hombre Murcielago ) & the last one is from Malaysia with cover art by Paul Gulacy. Thanks for the pictures Juan! I know my readers will like these as much as I do! If anyone else has some cool Batman-related photos of toys or comics please send them! Readers, be sure to remember to check the ARCHIVES because with 150+ posts you'll find alot of cool stuff here! You can find the ARCHIVES on the right side just below the cool LINK BUTTONS!


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From Bat-mite and the original Batgirl to Nightwing and Huntress. Two very distinct generations of Bat associates represented here!