October 7, 2006

RARE Foreign Batman Comic Books : India & Turkey!

As loyal Bat-Blog Readers know, I love the foriegn Batman Items! I mean, they're just super-wacky & really hard-to-find! So, you can understand my surprise when a few readers sent some photos of obscure "Foreign Batman" comic book covers! WOW! The 1st one is a current brand-new comic published by DC in India! I have a friend who lives in India & I'm gonna ask him to get me a few copies, these look cool! ( I also love the strange logo with that cool font! ). And the 2nd one is a Super-RARE 1960's magazine, I think it's bootleg, of Batman from Turkey! Check out the groovy 60's babe clinging to Batman's leg, LOL! I wanna thank everyone who e-mailed pix & invite anyone with cool Batman Toys or related items to do the same! It's the readers who make this site great!

1 comment:

ozz said...

The letters in the Indian Batlogo look like they spell "ostgksia". Cool artwork all the way around.

Man, some Indian food would hit the spot right about now.