October 7, 2006

NEW 1966 Batman ADAM WEST Resin Model Kit!

While surfing the net I found this cool webpage for the company that produces these 1966 Batman Resin Model Kits. The name of the company is JOHNNY'S RESIN KITS & they produce alot of high-quality stuff! They are the only official kit endorsed by Burt Ward ( TV's Robin The Boy Wonder ). They have many highly detailed kits of both the heroes & villians from the classic TV Show, even a very large 1/25th Scale Batmobile! I contacted the owner of the site & he said he was familuar with the BAT-BLOG! I told him I wanted to add a link & do a few articles about his products. He seemed kinda excited & was kind enough to send me a RARE photo of the brand-new ADAM WEST kit that has not been seen before! See the above photo, this kit of "Mr. West" will be released later this month. If you're interested in buying some kits, or just enjoying some pleasant eye-candy, then check out their webpage! I've included a link button in my LINKS area, look to the top-right-hand side of my blog. Please remember to BOOKMARK The Bat-Blog before ya go! ( As Always, Click On The Small Pictures Above For Larger Photos! ).

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ozz said...

Cool stuff. The figures look very well done.