October 21, 2006

Pictures of Cool Vintage 60's Batman Toys ( 1966 )

Here's some pics of some really RARE & hard-to-find Vintage Batman Toys from the 1960's! The 1st pic is of a MARX PICTURE PISTOL TOY GUN that came with a filmstrip to shoot Batman pix on the wall! I've seen this before & one graphic is THE BAT-SYMBOL LOGO! It's shown here with the original box & I really want one of these bad! They are super-rare! The 2nd photo is a nice BATMAN TOY PERISCOPE with extremely cool graphics! You can use this to peek around corners & spy on the Joker or Catwoman! The 3rd photo is of a BOND KING BATMAN BREAD WRAPPER, really unusual & RARE too. ( Thanx John for the WRAPPER pic! ). As always, you can click on the small pix for larger photos! Be sure to check out the BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES ( right-hand side, middle ) for tons of extra Vintage Batman & Robin Toy Photos like Corgi, Mego, Marx, Ideal, etc...!

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