October 13, 2006

Heritage Comics Sells Original Adam West TV Batman Gloves!

Recently, on Oct 7th, Heritage Auctions of Dallas sold an Original Pair of BATMAN COSTUME GLOVES worn by Adam West on the 1966 TV show! The final eBay auction price was $7000.00. Man, being poor sucks! I hope the new owner eventually donates these to the Smithsonan, or some other major museum, because these are National Treasures! I've been following Heritage Auctions even before they got on eBay. They have always sold some of the most incredible pieces of memobrailla around. I live in Oklahoma City & once in awhile we travel to Dallas to visit some friends. While there we always pass the large building they're located at & I start to fantasize about just going in there with a few million & buying everything! Be sure to click the above photo for a larger picture, it really shows alot of details.

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