December 31, 2006

SUPPORT THE BAT-BLOG! The Message is Getting Out But We Need More Pages!!

Here are some screenshot photos showing 4 different MySpace pages displaying the BAT-BLOG BANNER to help get the word out about this blog! We want to thank everyone involved, we appreciate it very much. But, we need more people to participate. So far we have about 20 known banners & our short-term goal is 50!! Please add the banner shown below to your MySpace Layout, blog, or website. All you have to do is copy the code under the banner & paste it into your page.


The photo up above shows the extremely RARE Vintage 1970's Mego Batman EXPLODING BRIDGE PLAYSET for the line of Comic Action Heroes figures. The set included a toy bridge, Batman figure, Batmobile, & comic action activator. This set is very hard-to-find, even on eBay! Be sure to check out the BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES for many more RARE Vintage Toys like Mego, Corgi, Ideal, Marx, Kenner, etc... You might have to go to the main page, the archives are on the right-side of this blog.

December 30, 2006

The Adventures of Batman & Robin ~ Super Nintendo Video Game Footage

Cool Vintage Batman Toys From the 70's!

Here are 2 examples of some really cool Vintage 1970's Batman Toys. The 1st photo is a boxed set of the Bat-Utility Belt with accessories. Made by Remco it comes with utility belt, walkie-talkie, handcuffs ( or bat-cuffs ), decoder glasses, & bat-watch! The 2nd pic shows a Battery-Powered Toothbrush Set, Mint in Original Box. The toothbrush photo was sent in by a BAT-BLOG reader who told me he only collects Batman items from the 70's because that was when he was a little kid & it's the time period he loves best! That's cool, thanks for sendin' in the picture Donald!

BATMAN BEGINS Dell Laptop Computer SKIN-IT Graphic

I have a Dell laptop that I really love & the other night I went to the Official Dell Website to check out some information on it when all of a sudden I noticed the word "Batman" there. I can spot anything Batman from a mile away, ha ha, anyway I checked it out & they sell these large Graphic Stickers you can buy to customize your laptop. They are called SKINIT™. Some are generic abstract art, stock photos, football teams, & even characters like Spiderman. Here's the one for Batman & it looks like the Batman Begins movie.

December 29, 2006


Here are some extremely RARE photos showing what the NEW Hot Wheels 1966 Batmobile Diecast Car is gonna look like! They are pics of a test-run for the prototype of the George Barris design car. It shows it un-painted but it gives you a really good idea what it's gonna look like. The details are pretty nice & I like the clear-blue windsheild! So far I think Mattel is doing a really great job on these. I'm pretty sure that they know if they make one tiny micro-mistake on these that there will be riots in the street caused by rabid Batman Fans, ha ha, just kiddin'. This Batman Toy being made by this very classic toy company is gonna be HUGE!! Keep checkin' back with the BAT-BLOG for more current news you can't find anywhere else!! Click the pictures up above for larger, more detailed, photos!!


Shown in the photo up above is a true Vintage Toy Collector's dream! This is the ultra-RARE Batman Corgi 5-Car Gift Pack from 1979. It featured a cool display box with 5 blister-packed diecast cars inside: The Batmobile, Bat-Bike Motorcycle, Bat-Copter Helicopter, Jokermobile Car, & Penguin's Car!! Be sure to check the BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES for many more cool Vintage Toys including Mego, Corgi, Hot Wheels, Ideal, Marx, etc... Click the small picture for a larger photo!

December 28, 2006

Why Women Are Not Allowed To Buy Action Figures

Here's a super-hilarious comic strip from the BIGGER THAN CHEESES webcomic site. ( Click the picture above for a larger, more readable, picture ).

Strange, Weird, & Wacky Batman Products

In 1989, during the mass-product craze for the 1st Batman Movie, some company actually made BATMAN TORTILLA CHIPS! I had a picture of those ( sealed in the bag ) in a previous post but recently a loyal BAT-BLOG Reader sent in this photo of an actual's bat-shaped! Another bit of madness is this BATMAN HAMPSTER HOUSE. This is a brand new product you can go get at Target Stores tonight! When the hampster runs in his wheel it makes a PVC Figure of Batman spin around, ha ha, really! They also made a Superman one also but who cares. The 3rd bit of strangeness are these Batman sneakers made by Converse. You can find them, and others, at Amazon of all places.

December 27, 2006

Sexy CATWOMAN AUDITION Video ( I Think I'm In Love With Her, LOL!! )

Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday!! MODERN ROBIN, Batman's Sidekick!!

Here's a wonderful image of ROBIN I thought would be awesome for PC wallpaper, but you can also use it as graphics for a cool MySpace layout! Be sure to check the BAT-BLOG's Main page for the BATMAN WALLPAPER PAGE Link Button on the top right-hand side. There you will find a wide assortment of pictures including Batman, Robin, Joker, Catwoman, Batgirl, etc... Also check out the BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES for many more wallpapers that you can't find anywhere else, all sprinkled among the many posts. ( There are over 260+ posts at this time ). Also, remember that every Wednesday is "Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday" here at the BAT-BLOG!!
CLICK HERE For More Batman Wallpapers for a Desktop or Free to Use Backgrounds in a MySpace Layout!

Batman Wallpaper - Two Versions : PC Desktop AND MySpace Profile

Here are 2 different versions of the same Batman Comics Wallpaper. The top one, where Batman is on the right-side, is best for desktop wallpaper because he doesn't obscure your desktop icons, which are usually on the left. The 2nd one is better for MySpace Layouts because with him being on the left he's visible when scrolling down for your comments. You decide! I really like this image either way. The background is a photo of real clouds in a neat golden-brown rust color that kinda resembles the color-motif of the newer Batman Begins movie. If you're using this in your MySpace Layout then please look around this site for some of the BAT-BLOG BANNERS that are sprinkled about & choose one of them to place in your profile. All ya gotta do is copy the code under them & paste...easy as pie! Besides looking really cool they are also "clickable" & your friends can visit the batblog! Be sure to check out the main page for a Link button ( on the top right-hand side ) to our BAT-BLOG BATMAN WALLPAPERS Page!!
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December 26, 2006

1966 BATMOBILE COVER Barracuda Magazine # 16

Here's a photo of the 16th issue of Barracuda Magazine with a cover story of the 1966 Batmobile, the one designed by George Barris! This magazine covers alot of current rockabilly culture. It features hotrods, outsider art, & modern-day pin-up girlie models! I did this small posting because I thought the cover was cool & it would be great to get this one issue just for the Batmobile car photos!

JOKER Wanted Poster of Jack Napier 1989 BATMAN MOVIE

Here's a really cool photo showing Jack Nicholson as Jack Napier ( The Joker ) from the 1989 Batman Movie. I like how authentic it looks with he board saying Gotham Police Dept....funny!

December 24, 2006

BATMAN LEGENDS A Very Cool Fan-Made Film by BAT IN THE SUN Productions

BATGIRL & BATWOMAN Batman Wallpaper Graphics

Here are 2 really cool Batman-Related Wallpapers I found at the Official DC Comics Webpage. For a change of pace both are classic female characters. The 1st one is an awesome graphic of Batgirl in the snow. The next picture is artwork from the new comic book series titled "52" & features Batwoman. Both make great PC wallpaper! ( Click the above pictures for larger photos ). If you want other FREE Batman Desktop Wallpaper Backgrounds then be sure to CHECK OUT THE BAT-BLOG WALLPAPER PAGE. There are alot of image designs ( Batman Logo, Batgirl, Joker, Bat-Symbol Signal, Batmobile, Robin & the Dark Knight, even Vintage Toys ) you can use on your MySpace Layout or just to brighten your computer's desktop! The button for the BAT-BLOG Free Batman Wallpaper Backgrounds Page is on the top right-hand side of this BatBlog! ( You might have to go to the main page ).
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December 23, 2006

REALLY FAT BATMAN Funny Picture / Humor Photo

Hmmm, it looks like Batman has really let himself go lately. Maybe he should check out the gym at the Batcave more often & also stay away from those midnight bat-snacks!! Come on Batman, you used to be in such great shape!!

CAPTAIN ACTION DOLL Batman & Robin Costume Outfits VINTAGE TOY AD from 1967

Today I'm really tired from not getting any sleep because of the holiday stress. So, I'm just gonna post this cool photo that was swiped from a vintage 1967 sales catalog. The pic features a vintage toy ad for Ideal's Captain Action & Action Boy Dolls, outfits, & car!! For younger people who have NO idea who C.A. is he was a really great toy line made by the Ideal Toy Company in the 1960's. Basically he was kinda like a G.I.Joe doll except you could buy "Superhero Costumes" for him to wear & he could be Batman, Superman, Aquaman, Spiderman, Captain America, Green Hornet, The Lone Ranger, etc...He had a sidekick named Action Boy who also had superhero costumes like Robin, Tonto, Superboy, etc...Also featured in the ad is a vehicle called the SILVER STREAK AMPHIBIAN which is extremely RARE & highly sought after by toy collectors. I thought I would share this toy ad because it shows the Batman & Robin outfits which are really cool!! I hope this brings back alot of fond memories for older collectors & newbies should do a little research on this great vintage toy too! As always you can click on the small picture up above for a larger, more detailed, photo!! Be sure to check out the BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES for many more Vintage Batman Toy news!

December 22, 2006

TOYS FOR TOTS, There's Still Time To Donate!!

Many BAT-BLOG readers might have seen a previous post where I asked them to donate toys or money to the awesomeTOYS FOR TOTS organization. This is a really super-great charity that trys to make sure every kid has a good Christmas. It's run by the Marine Corps & they have toy donation drop-offs everywhere. Here's a LINK to that previous post & it has more info plus their website URL:



Here's a picture that will make ALL vintage toy collectors drool for days! This is the Super-RARE & extremely beautiful BATBOAT made by the Corgi Toy Company in the 1960's for the 1966 Batmobile Diecast Car they also made. It has the trailer & everything plus the graphics/details are awesome!! This is a beauty....looks Pristine MINT! This photo also shows the original box which is even more RARE than the toy itself!! I wanna thank our loyal BAT-BLOG Reader John for sending us this pic, Thank You John!! Be sure to check the BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES for many more vintage Batman Toys including Corgi, Hot Wheels, Mego, Ideal, Marx, etc...

December 21, 2006

Super-RARE 1960's Japanese BATMOBILE TIN TOY CAR Japan

Here's a photo mailed in from a friend who lives in Japan & loves Vintage Batman Toys! This picture is gonna make alot of BAT-BLOG Readers cry their eyes out because it's soooo beautiful, Ha Ha! This is a 60's Batman & Robin BATMOBILE CAR that is friction driven & metal tin toy with rubber tires. I love the graphics all over it & the fact that it has BATMAN in Japanese....way cool! Thanks Michi for the great pics. Hey people, remember that you can click on the small photo up above for a way larger pic!! If any other readers have any cool RARE Batman toys then please send your pix today!! Also, Be sure to check out the BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES for many many more RARE vintage Batman Toys!!

Vintage MEGO Batmobile Customized To Look Like The 1966 TV Show Car!

The BAT-BLOG has a friend nick-named "BAT-ROB" who loves to customize Vintage 1970's Mego Action Figure Dolls & their accessories. Here's a picture of a Mego Batmobile that he customized & he did a really great job on it!! Basically he gave the car alot more details & some paint but what an amazing difference! He even added the glass windshields & made the tail-fins more accurate...WOW! I think he did such a great job on this I had to share it w/ my readers! The photo shows 2 cars: One is what a regular Mego Batmobile car looks like & the other one is the one he did....awesome! ( Click the Small Picture Above To See Larger Photo with Better details ).

December 19, 2006

WACKY WALLPAPER WEDNESDAY! Corgi Toys 1940's Style Batmobile & Funny Foreign Batman Cartoon!

Remember, every Wednesday is "Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday" here at the olde BAT-BLOG! Today here's 2 really cool Batman Wallpapers with the top picture being a graphic from the Corgi Toy Company. This is a hi-rez photo of the beautiful 1940's style Batmobile DieCast Toy Car they recently made. The next picture is a silly cartoon I found on a Spanish website in Spain, very obscure & also makes great PC wallpaper! ( Click the above pictures for larger photos ). If you want other FREE Batman Desktop Wallpaper Backgrounds then be sure to CHECK OUT THE BAT-BLOG WALLPAPER PAGE. There are alot of image designs ( Batman Logo, Batgirl, Joker, Bat-Symbol Signal, Batmobile, Robin & the Dark Knight, even Vintage Toys ) you can use on your MySpace Layout or just to brighten your computer's desktop! The button for the BAT-BLOG Free Batman Wallpaper Backgrounds Page is on the top right-hand side of this BatBlog! ( You might have to go to the main page )
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Batman WEIRD & WACKY Funny Humor Photos!

I'm always collecting obscure Batman-Related pictures to share with my readers & I didn't know how to catagorize these three except to maybe label them as WEIRD & WACKY! The 1st photo was found on a website where the guy was an art student experimenting with Photoshop Techniques. He morphed this extremely funny pic of what looks like Christan Bale from the Batman Begins Movie, LOL! The 2nd photo was found on MySpace where there was this woman who's really into collecting Vintage 60's Toy Dolls & also loves to create custom outfits for them. Here she had knitted a Batgirl Costume & I think it's goo goo. The 3rd photo was found on eBay by a guy who was selling some RARE black & white photos he had found at an estate sale where the older gentleman was once an owner of a car dealership & at one time, in the 1960's, he did a promotion to get people to see the 1966 Batman movie at his local theature. He had hired some "actors" to play Batman & Robin....too funny! Plus, I love the vintage look of the cars/clothing, a great era. Well, that's enough weirdness for now, See Y'all Tommorrow!!

December 18, 2006

BAT-BLOG BANNER AD GRAPHICS For Your MySpace Page, Blog, or Webpage!

Do you love the BAT-BLOG? Do you have a webpage, blog, or MySpace page? Well then, just copy the code below & paste to your page, Thank You!

Batman Gets So Lonely On Christmas - Humor Photo

The BAT-BLOG wants to wish all of our readers a Safe & Happy Holiday Season! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY! We thought this picture we found on the net was pretty funny! HA HA HA - Thanks for sharing it Christine.

HOLY CUPCAKES, BATMAN! Vintage Food Advertising

Does anyone else remember these really great Hostess Cupcake Ads from the DC comic books of the 1970's & 80's?? This one features Batman & Robin solving a caper called "Sable Lady"! These used to crack me up the way they tricked you into reading the product advertisement....they usually had some nice artwork & a funny story but at the end they always sales-pitched Hostess Snacks while arresting the criminal, too funny! As always you can click the small picture for a larger photo...and remember to CHECK OUT the BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES for more vintage ads & old toys!

December 14, 2006

Brand NEW Photo of The Batman 1966 BATMOBILE Hot Wheels Car With The Original George Barris Design!

At the Official HOT WHEELS COLLECTORS CLUB™ Webpage Mattel posted this Brand-NEW promo photo of what the NEW 1966 Batman BATMOBILE is gonna look like! This appears to be a CGI picture, & not the actual diecast toy car, but it gives you a really good idea of what it's gonna look like!! From the look of it this is gonna be the small "Hot Wheels-Sized" Car & not the larger version. Mattel has plans to do three versions: small, medium, & large with each new larger size becoming more detailed....we can't wait! Check back here at the BAT-BLOG for all the current news & we'll let ya know all the details as they arrive! Be sure to check the BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES for past Hot Wheels™ Batmobile News & Pics! Also remember to Click the small picture above for a larger photo!

VINTAGE BATMAN Pictures & CHRISTMAS GRAPHICS for your MySpace Page Layout

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Here's a nice assortment of FREE Batman Pictures & Christmas Graphics for your Webpage, Blog, or MySpace Layout...enjoy! Remember to check the BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES for more Chistmas Batman Graphics! We also have a LINK BUTTON to a Large Assortment of FREE Batman Desktop Wallpapers, Check 'em Both Out!!


The main thing about the BAT-BLOG is it's all about sharing the joy of collecting both New & Vintage Batman Toys. I know we post alotta cool wallpaper graphics, clever YouTube videos you can watch for free, funny humor photos you can share with friends, etc...but that's not the main reason to come here. The main function of the BAT-BLOG is for Batman Collectors from ALL OVER the world to share information & great pics. The 3 toys shown above are a good example. John sent us this cool photo of his 1966 Batman PIX-A-GO-GO Toy. Basically this now hard-to-find toy was a film-strip that was made of 2 layers & when you moved them they showed the characters in action. Sort of a poor man's animated viewmaster reel. This one features the Penguin & I really love the old vintage graphics...nice litho, cool green logo. The 2nd photo shows a cool airplane glider toy, also from the 60's & MINT IN ORIGINAL PACKAGE, called BAT-JET! This was sold for the UK market & is extremely RARE! The 3rd photo is another foreign toy called BATMAN'S CAVE MAZE. It's one of those wood boxes with a maze on top. A knob on each side controls the tilting effect of the maze & you move a small ball around & try not to have it fall in the holes...These were usually pretty hard to do & as a kid these always got on my last nerve, ha ha! But, this baby is Super-RARE especially with the original box. Also, the graphics on both are extremely beautiful...doesn't it bring tears to your eyes, I need a minute please, LOL. As always you can click on the small pictures for larger photos, especially try out the BATCAVE TOY because it's really detailed! If you have any cool photos you wanna contribute then please e-mail them today!