December 14, 2006


The main thing about the BAT-BLOG is it's all about sharing the joy of collecting both New & Vintage Batman Toys. I know we post alotta cool wallpaper graphics, clever YouTube videos you can watch for free, funny humor photos you can share with friends, etc...but that's not the main reason to come here. The main function of the BAT-BLOG is for Batman Collectors from ALL OVER the world to share information & great pics. The 3 toys shown above are a good example. John sent us this cool photo of his 1966 Batman PIX-A-GO-GO Toy. Basically this now hard-to-find toy was a film-strip that was made of 2 layers & when you moved them they showed the characters in action. Sort of a poor man's animated viewmaster reel. This one features the Penguin & I really love the old vintage graphics...nice litho, cool green logo. The 2nd photo shows a cool airplane glider toy, also from the 60's & MINT IN ORIGINAL PACKAGE, called BAT-JET! This was sold for the UK market & is extremely RARE! The 3rd photo is another foreign toy called BATMAN'S CAVE MAZE. It's one of those wood boxes with a maze on top. A knob on each side controls the tilting effect of the maze & you move a small ball around & try not to have it fall in the holes...These were usually pretty hard to do & as a kid these always got on my last nerve, ha ha! But, this baby is Super-RARE especially with the original box. Also, the graphics on both are extremely beautiful...doesn't it bring tears to your eyes, I need a minute please, LOL. As always you can click on the small pictures for larger photos, especially try out the BATCAVE TOY because it's really detailed! If you have any cool photos you wanna contribute then please e-mail them today!

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ozz said...

Nothing says "1960s" like something ending in "-a-go-go"!

Yeah, those mazes are tough as hell!