December 19, 2006

Batman WEIRD & WACKY Funny Humor Photos!

I'm always collecting obscure Batman-Related pictures to share with my readers & I didn't know how to catagorize these three except to maybe label them as WEIRD & WACKY! The 1st photo was found on a website where the guy was an art student experimenting with Photoshop Techniques. He morphed this extremely funny pic of what looks like Christan Bale from the Batman Begins Movie, LOL! The 2nd photo was found on MySpace where there was this woman who's really into collecting Vintage 60's Toy Dolls & also loves to create custom outfits for them. Here she had knitted a Batgirl Costume & I think it's goo goo. The 3rd photo was found on eBay by a guy who was selling some RARE black & white photos he had found at an estate sale where the older gentleman was once an owner of a car dealership & at one time, in the 1960's, he did a promotion to get people to see the 1966 Batman movie at his local theature. He had hired some "actors" to play Batman & Robin....too funny! Plus, I love the vintage look of the cars/clothing, a great era. Well, that's enough weirdness for now, See Y'all Tommorrow!!

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