December 22, 2006


Here's a picture that will make ALL vintage toy collectors drool for days! This is the Super-RARE & extremely beautiful BATBOAT made by the Corgi Toy Company in the 1960's for the 1966 Batmobile Diecast Car they also made. It has the trailer & everything plus the graphics/details are awesome!! This is a beauty....looks Pristine MINT! This photo also shows the original box which is even more RARE than the toy itself!! I wanna thank our loyal BAT-BLOG Reader John for sending us this pic, Thank You John!! Be sure to check the BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES for many more vintage Batman Toys including Corgi, Hot Wheels, Mego, Ideal, Marx, etc...

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Jon B. Knutson said...

Great blog... I've been checking back on it regularlly.

Have you ever come across a photo of the Batman figural crayons? These were out in the late 1980s or so, and were very cool... crayons which had at the top of them figures of Batman, Robin, Batgirl, the Batmobile, and probably one or two others! I came across these at one of those liquidation stores, and since I was buying and selling toys at local toy shows at the time, I bought three sets of them, and I think I sold all three sets at the next toy show I was at. While I made a nice markup on them, I do wish three things:

1) I had bought every single set of them that store had.

2) I'd hung onto them until eBay started.

3) I still had at least one set left.

They were very cool, and very detailed, if I recall correctly! Can't seem to find a pic of them on the web!