December 28, 2006

Strange, Weird, & Wacky Batman Products

In 1989, during the mass-product craze for the 1st Batman Movie, some company actually made BATMAN TORTILLA CHIPS! I had a picture of those ( sealed in the bag ) in a previous post but recently a loyal BAT-BLOG Reader sent in this photo of an actual's bat-shaped! Another bit of madness is this BATMAN HAMPSTER HOUSE. This is a brand new product you can go get at Target Stores tonight! When the hampster runs in his wheel it makes a PVC Figure of Batman spin around, ha ha, really! They also made a Superman one also but who cares. The 3rd bit of strangeness are these Batman sneakers made by Converse. You can find them, and others, at Amazon of all places.


Storm said...

OMG!!!! I had a pair of these. Truth be told, I had a pair of the Batman and a pair of the Joker. And I wore a different one on each foot.

I totally forgot about that!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just what is so weird about the sneakers. The hamster cage yes, probably the oddest. Yes I bought a pair of them (the sneakers)

ozz said...

Yeah, I think the hamster house is the strangest thing I've seen here so far. I have a feeling it'll be tough to top that one.