December 21, 2006

Super-RARE 1960's Japanese BATMOBILE TIN TOY CAR Japan

Here's a photo mailed in from a friend who lives in Japan & loves Vintage Batman Toys! This picture is gonna make alot of BAT-BLOG Readers cry their eyes out because it's soooo beautiful, Ha Ha! This is a 60's Batman & Robin BATMOBILE CAR that is friction driven & metal tin toy with rubber tires. I love the graphics all over it & the fact that it has BATMAN in Japanese....way cool! Thanks Michi for the great pics. Hey people, remember that you can click on the small photo up above for a way larger pic!! If any other readers have any cool RARE Batman toys then please send your pix today!! Also, Be sure to check out the BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES for many many more RARE vintage Batman Toys!!

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