December 27, 2006

Batman Wallpaper - Two Versions : PC Desktop AND MySpace Profile

Here are 2 different versions of the same Batman Comics Wallpaper. The top one, where Batman is on the right-side, is best for desktop wallpaper because he doesn't obscure your desktop icons, which are usually on the left. The 2nd one is better for MySpace Layouts because with him being on the left he's visible when scrolling down for your comments. You decide! I really like this image either way. The background is a photo of real clouds in a neat golden-brown rust color that kinda resembles the color-motif of the newer Batman Begins movie. If you're using this in your MySpace Layout then please look around this site for some of the BAT-BLOG BANNERS that are sprinkled about & choose one of them to place in your profile. All ya gotta do is copy the code under them & paste...easy as pie! Besides looking really cool they are also "clickable" & your friends can visit the batblog! Be sure to check out the main page for a Link button ( on the top right-hand side ) to our BAT-BLOG BATMAN WALLPAPERS Page!!
CLICK HERE For More Batman Wallpapers for a Desktop or Free to Use Backgrounds in a MySpace Layout!

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